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Secret Identities- carl



I ask fwooshmembers questions.


They answer them.


" We have a secret handshake and everything."

Was your username ever "craarl"?

Yeah that was one of my many nicknames. I had it changed in honor of the LCBH launch when the Conan vs. Wraarl 2 pack was shown. I had it changed back after we got hacked.

Where do you live?

I hail from Los Angeles. Born and raised in Southern California. 

Who is in your family?

My dad, my 2 sisters, my brother. I’m the youngest of 4 and I’m grateful.

Are you Irish?

Half Irish, half Scottish.

Any pets?

Tons, my favorite is my dog Chewy.

What are your future plans?

Stay out of debt, go back to school, don’t have any kids, focus on work and hopefully make an impact. I want to employ people.

Do you customize?

Yes! Customizing is the cat’s ass; it’s my favorite way of scratching that creative itch.

When did you start customizing?

When I figured out how to unscrew GI Joes. I have been stinking up the hobby since the mid 80’s.

How do you choose what figure to make?

I do whatever my dark lord and master Pablolobo tells me to make. Nah I just do what I want, mostly I want to show people stuff and say "wouldn’t this be cool if somebody made it?" Inspiration comes from all kinds of places, cheap fodder in a store, a really cool base figure or a concept drawing, mostly its just stealing ideas from guys more talented than me. I usually slap something together real quick and if its cool I drag my feet until it’s done.

Those animal ones are gorgeous.

Thanks; those are my favorite ones so far. Just making it up as I go, it’s just more fun for me.

Have you read “Elephantmen” from Image?

Nope. Sounds cool though, I’ll keep my eye out for tpbs. I think the only Image titles I keep up on is the "Walking Dead".

 I have read "Blacksad" though I recommend it to anybody who’s a fan of film noir. Film noir and animal-detectives.. .

What is your technique in making fur?

If it’s sculpting in plastic I crank my Wax pen up to 700 degrees and follow the musculature as best I can. Sculpting in putty is better though I just go the plastic route when I don’t want to sculpt over joints. 

How many customs have you made?

There is probably 80 or so in my gallery thread. Maybe double that for what I haven’t shown.

How many do you do a year?

I’ve slowed down some. I probably will be able to do like 10 this year if I stay into it. Some are really quick some take a while. But since I’ve gotten into more sculpting molding and casting my own pieces that slow the process down a lot.

What is more important when making a custom the articulation
or the physical look? If you had to choose one?

That’s hard to answer. I guess since I’m pretty much the only one who ever gets to play with the figures I make, the look is what is going to matter the most. But I think what matters the most overall is how good the articulation looks with the overall piece, while still remaining functional.

What is the hardest part in customizing?

If you are starting out the hardest part is picking the right pieces to start with. If you are me, the hardest part is painting.

Why so much love for Conan?

I grew up reading the Lancer and De Camp novels, fascinated by Frazetta the books were my dad’s he had a bunch of Vallejo and Frazetta books that were chock full of nekkid people. That’s how it started; it’s still my preferred form of escapism. A really well done series of Conan characters would be my dream toyline.

Leonidas from 300 VS Conan? Who wins?

Conan. Leonidas is nothing without the phalanx. 

Do you cook?
Yeah I relegate myself to mostly making breakfast, but I’m an awesome baker. I love Tex-mex and BBQ.

What is in your collection?

If it’s well articulated and not a transformer I probably own it. I’m trying to find the right time to jump onto the revoltech bandwagon and once I get some scratch together I’m gonna take the plunge on some S.I.C.

Where do you vacation? Where would you like to go?

I usually go to Yosemite or Las Vegas, depending on the time of year and whatever part of me needs to vent. I want to take cruise to Alaska, I think it would be great to go to the Isle of Mann.

Are you a gamer? Is your weapon of choice the 360?

Console games till I die. 360 is aces, ask me again in a year or so when the PS3 library is a little more awesome. But yeah right now if it’s just me I’m all about the 360. Dead Rising, and Oblivion are my big time wasters. I’m also devastating on the Wii, but I don’t actually own one so I can’t claim it as my weapon of choice.
What other sites do you visit?

I stick to Fwoosh mostly, but I like

What do you spend your money on?

Nah I try to keep spending low, toy wise most money is going to custom fodder. I buy DVD’s compulsively; the act of renting is lost on me. Other than that it’s just boring bills, and my lady friend.

Do you wear sunglasses all the time? Even at night?

Yeah all the time. I take them off when I’m in my apartment but I wear them most of the time day or night. I take them off when I’m sleeping or sometimes when I’m driving my hunk-of-ass truck. I hate bright light I’m going to have wicked crows feet when I’m old from squinting all the time.

Are you in a biker gang?

Robo(killah) and me are in a biker gang together. We look like we are badass. Its actually a bike taxi gang based out of San Diego, we recruit foreigners and girls in short shorts. We have a secret handshake and everything.

Does this interview suck?

No, this is in fact the best interview you have ever done.

Thanks Carl!



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