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Where do you live?

I live about 15 miles from worst College in the world. That would be Notre Dame folks. GO MAIZE & BLUE!!

Where do you work? A place called Hingecraft. We make custom hinges.

How does a hinge company come about? It’s an odd thing to make.

I thought so to at first, but hinges are everywhere. Cars, boats, busses, RV’s anything with a lid or door. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE AND THEY’RE OUT TO GET US!!
Our smallest hinge is about ½ long, used on bird feeders or biggest is 8 feet long used on busses. Quite a variance.

Do you date anyone at work?

I have dated several people from work in the past and learned that you should never date someone from work. I’m stubborn, so it took me a few times to learn that rule. It’s bad enough that if you break up, you still have to see them everyday but the gossip the women create from it is ridiculous. It also makes for very awkward Christmas parties.

What is wrong with you?

Where to start? Truth is I suffer from dysthymia (chronic depression). I’ve had it for most of my life. It just gradually gets worse and worse. I should get treated for it, but the worst part of the disease is it makes it very hard to actually ask for help. It’s also a large reason why I never finish so many customs, or other projects I start. The one time I actually did seek help for it, while talking to the counselor last year, once she found out I was extremely computer savvy, she kept asking me computer questions throughout the session to help her out with hers at home. It pissed me off so I quit going.
Who is in your family?

I’m single, but I’m very close to my immediate family. I see my Parents and my sister pretty much every week. Esp. since my sister has had my nephew Will. Ain’t he cute?

Any pets?

I have 4, yes 4 cats. I never thought I’d own cats, but my sister had 2 of them, then her new boyfriend (now husband) ended up being allergic to cats, so I “inherited” them from her. They weren’t fixed and I ended up with 2 more I couldn’t get rid of.

What are your future plans?

I really want to start a “Warriors throughout History” type toy line. Each line would be a single wave of fully articulated (like SOTA/Marvel Toys) Knights, Romans, Ninjas, Vikings etc. It’s ambitious and costly, but I live in an area where 13 houses (mine included) have contaminated water from a business that “leaked” Vinyl Chloride into the ground. There is a huge lawsuit in on it now. When it settles, I should have enough money to see it to fruition.

That’s crazy.
Vinyl Chloride?

It’s actually in the well water. It’s known for causing cancer. Plus, if you take hot showers, it evaporates from the water and enters your body through the pores..

Do you have any of the symptoms?

Thankfully none yet. But this is something that can take YEARS to effect the body. I guess once it in your body, it’s there for good.

Do you meet with your neighbors regularly?

Yeah, we have monthly meetings with ourselves and with the lawyers.

Are you working on your basement?

Not much lately. 2 reasons for that. Procrastination and the fact that with the contaminated water, I wasn’t sure I was staying or not. I now have 2 huge water purifying cylinders in the basement so my water is safe, so I will probably get back to work on it soon.

Is this the main reason you are not finishing your basement?

It really is. It feels like I bought this great house with an acre of land, in the city where it’s hard to get that much land. My only qualm about the house was the small living room, but I knew right away I wanted to finish the basement and put a "Great Room" down there. Then less than a year later, I find out my water is contaminated, the value of my house is now probably shot to hell, and I could end up get any of a multitude of health problems including cancer in the future. Damn, ain’t life grand. Kind of made finishing the basement seem like…why do it? But we should be getting city water soon, and once that happens, my house value will be right back where it should be. The cylinders keep the contaminated water safe for now, so I would like to get back to work on the basement. I have the drywall, but the only way to get it down to the basement is from the outside, and since it’s winter right now, that’s not gonna happen for a bit.

Do you customize?

Heh. I’m real bad at starting customs and not finishing them. I’ve got a Crossbones, Thing, Punisher Van all waiting for me to finish them. I’ve also got what should be a kick-butt, fully articulated Mr. Mxyzptlk. He has to be able to sit in his crossed leg pose he’s always in. I’ll post where I’m at here to make me get off my butt and get it done.

Do you cook?

I love to cook on the grill. Brats, burgers, chicken, it doesn’t matter. Everything tastes better when cooked on a grill.

What is in your collection?

Marvel Legends, DCSH/DCUC, Mezco’s South Park, Street Fighter (most have become fodder though).

Where do you vacation? Where would you like to vacation?

I usually tend to go down south to Florida or Tennessee for vacation. I love both areas. I am dying to go to Ireland. Every pub that says “Fitzgerald’s” on it, I’m going in and drinking a pint, and getting my picture taken with the locals!

What other sites do you visit?

As far as toy sites/info go, I like Newsarama, Action-Figure, CBR, RTM, & Marvelousnews. But I’m usually only at each place for about 5 minutes or so. Fwoosh is my home.

What do you spend your money?

I’m a bad/compulsive DVD buyer. I have over 400 DVD’s, not including season DVD’s for all of Lost, 24, & Supernatural.

Top 5 favorite DVDs?

Spider-Man 2 – (LOVED  Molina portrayal of Doc Ock..)
The Crow – (would’ve been Brandon Lee’s breakout movie, IMO)
The Rock – (Ed Harris plays the most understandable and agreeable "bad guy" ever in the movies.)
Sin City – Straight from the comics and I love how it was filmed.
Lord of the Rings Ext. DVD set – Yeah I’m cheating a bit, but the entire series was just awesome!

Thanks Tfitz!

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