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Make My Marvel! – Strong Guy

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m just about X-ed out.  Messiah CompleX may be going on for another month, but X-Men theme month at MMM! is wrapping up with this week’s edition.  We’ve taken a Krakoa-sized chunk out of the Legends X-Men "wanted" list, so it’s only fitting that we end things with the giant-sized Strong Guy!

Last week’s Poll Recap:  With 45% of the vote, original X-Factor Wolfsbane is the version of the character you most want made for Marvel Legends.  Second place went to Modern Wolfsbane with 19%.


Make My Marvel! – Strong Guy

Guido Carosella absorbs kinetic energy which becomes added mass to his physique.   Guido’s power first manifested as a boy one unfortunate day during an unfortunate altercation with several bullies and an even more unfortunate encounter with the front of a moving school bus.  Unfortunate.  Guido’s body was never meant to hold onto the kinetic energy he could absorb for significant periods of time.  Guido didn’t know that and, subsequently, his upper body was permanently warped into it’s current appearance.

Following the death of his parents due to a falling satellite (that old chestnut), Guido came into a large amount of money, which he promptly squandered, forcing him to find work.  He became the personal bodyguard for intergalactic rockstar Lila Cheney (the daughter Dick really doesn’t like to talk about).  Following the big reunification of the X-men, Guido, adopting the codename "Strong Guy", joined the new X-Factor.  Things went relatively well for Guido until he attempted to absorb the kinetic energy of a bomb.  While he was successful, the strain on his heart was too much and Guido suffered a massive heart attack.

Strong Guy spent several months in suspended animation in order to preserve his life.  When he was finally able to be revived, Guido came back to a very different X-Factor.  Though Forge was able to correct his heart condition, Guido was reluctant to join the new line-up and opted to join Lila for another tour.  The two later had a falling out and, after bumming around the world for a few months, Guido joined his former teammates Wolfsbane and Multiple Man in their private investigators venture as the new X-Factor.

How to make it:  Not much to say here.  Strong Guy is perfect for the modern-scaled BAF.  As far as accessories go, there’re really none that are necessary.  Make him the BAF of an X-Factor-themed wave and it’d be gravy.

Which version of Strong Guy do you most want Hasbro to make?

First Appearance


X-Factor ver. 2



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