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Make My Marvel! – Rocket Raccoon

In honor of New Year’s Day, I’m spotlighting the intergalactic anthropomorph Rocket Raccoon.  This makes complete sense (of course, I’ve been off my meds for a few weeks, so so does Twin Peaks finally).

Last week’s poll re-cap: This was one of the closest votes yet, but with 46%, you chose modern Strong Guy as the version you most want made for Marvel Legends.  First loser went to Guido in his X-Factor get-up with 42%.  Sadly, very few of you voted for Hump.  Morlock fans take heart though: my sources tell me that he’s a lock for HML6: the Build-A-Nurse Annie wave.



Make My Marvel! – Rocket Raccoon

In millenia past, a species of uber-powerful alien beings created a planetary insitution for the mentally ill and sealed it off from the rest of the galaxy.  When the beings moved on, they left robotic servitors to care for the insane.  Shortly thereafter, the machines gained sentience and, tired of caring for the organic residents, used their technology to give the patients’ companion animals sentience.  Leaving the evolved animals to care for the patients, the robots relocated to another part of the planet to pursue their own devices.  That’s where Rocket Raccoon comes in.

When the deranged manufacturer Judson Jakes attempted to steal and decipher the secrets of the planet’s creators, Rocket Raccoon, the planet’s chief law officer, and the Hulk put interceded.  Unfortunately, Jakes was still able to use some of what he’d learned for his nefarious purposes and began a war.  With the aid of the robotic servitors, Rocket and his crew were able to cure the planet’s insane and the three groups joined together to stop Jakes permanently.  No longer needing to care for the planet’s residents, Rocket and his crew left the planet to find a new purpose.

Years later and after many adventures, Rocket became separated from his crew and ended up an inmate in a Kree prison.  In exchange for early parole, Rocket joined Starlord’s military unit to help fight against the Phalanx invasion following the events of Annhilation.  He continues to aid the resistance as an artillery specialist.

How to make it: Some would say that Rocket should only be a mini-figure accessory, but "Nay" I say.  Not only does Rocket need the full articulation of a regular-sized ML, but he can’t be an accessory as he needs accessories of his own, namely his ray gun and a Groot mini-fig to sit on his shoulder.  He could also be packed with a big-ass machine gun (as seen being used in Conquest) to help fill out the package. Cable would be jealous.

Which version of Rocket Raccoon do you want Hasbro to make?

First Appearance

Solo Series

Annihilation: Conquest


*Images courtesy of ComicVine*

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