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DCUC Fan Polls Results: B&C List Character Poll #1

After the results of the Fall 2007 DC Universe Classics Top Ten we unveiled, we asked everyone to come back and speak their mind in detailed fashion. So we organized some very specific poll votes for characters that fit into various criteria across the DCU. You have waited patiently and now we have the breakdowns for the the first in a series of five result stories: The B&C-list Character Poll #1.

How did your favorite characters do in this knock-down drag-out? Read on to see the results. Remember: we are sending all of this data to Mattel for their consideration. What they choose to do is, of course, up to them but know your voice will be heard.

To begin, we will consider the most simple, cut and dry result: the overall winner of the poll option. Of the 10 characters in this poll, this is the guy that garnered the most votes for the most wanted character and and sits atop the mountain in a very fierce competion. And the winner is…

The Question 

Taking in a solid 24% of the votes, the recently departed Vic Sage is
your choice. His popularity has grown again considerably over the past
few years with starring turns in the year-long DC epic 52 (until his
untimely death. Grr…) as well as taking center stage in the hugely
popular JLU cartoon. Unfortunately, that still has not gathered Vic
enough backing to get a figure from Mattel yet, he has missed the boat
in JLU line and is probably the most glaring omission at this point.
Now, we all know The Question is a part of the Charlton Comics stable
within DC that has some legal aspects to be worked out before Mattel
can move forward with producing figures, hopefully this vote will show
them that gaining access to those characters will be well worth it.

Now, let’s take a look at the rest of the standard poll results-

Poll Rankings:

Total Votes: 233

Atom Votes=17 (7%)

Booster Gold Votes= 36 (15%)

Cyborg Votes= 29 (12%)

Dr. Fate Votes= 46 (19%)

Dr. Mid-Nite Votes= 7 (3%)

Mister Miracle Votes= 14 (6%)

Plastic Man Votes= 10 (4%)

The Question Votes= 56 (24%)

Sandman Votes= 8 (3%)

Wildcat Votes= 10 (4%)


Aside from voting in the standard poll, we also asked everyone to rank each character in this poll from one to ten to give us the exact placement ranking of EVERY character to determine where they stand in relation to the rest of the crowd.

To determine the results of the aggregate scoring we added the numerical place value for each character in each vote and divided by the total number of votes. Because of this, we could only count lists that voted for EVERY character. Thus, some votes that did not follow the rules had to be discarded. We were left with 150 countable submission for our dividing baseline. To determine a character’s rank the sum of all of his or her placements in every vote was added together and divided by 150. Thus, the LOWER the aggregate score (becasue 1 is higher than ten in terms of ranking here), the higher the rankning. Here is how it looks:

Total sum of votes/150= aggregate score. That number was then given a rank assignment in relation to the other scores to give us the full results. So here are the detailed aggregate scores and accurate popularity ranking:

Dr. Fate
Sum=557 Votes=150
Aggregate Rank= 1






Booster Gold
Sum=651 Votes=150
Aggregate Rank= 2






The Question
Sum=681 Votes=150
Aggregate Rank= 3






Score= 5.07
Sum=761 Votes=150
Aggregate Rank= 4






Score= 5.47
Sum= 820 Votes= 150
Aggregate Rank= 5






Mr. Miracle
Sum=846 Votes=150
Aggregate Rank= 6






Sum=887 Votes=150
Aggregate Rank= 7






Dr. Mid-Nite
Sum=939 Votes=150
Aggregate Rank= 8






Sum=1059 Votes=150
Aggregate Rank= 9






Plastic Man
Sum=1060 Votes=150
Aggregate Rank= 10






Some very close overall scores, Sandman edged out Plastic Man for the number nine spot by one sum point. This was a great vote so thank you to all that participated. Look for the results of the other four polls coming soon. We might even have some neat graphs and data sets for all you stat-junkies to enjoy. In the mean time, join the discussion in the Phantom Zone and keep letting your voice be heard. Mattel will be getting all of the results and believe me, they ARE listening!

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