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Demanded Characters – Booster Gold

Welcome back to another installment of Demanded Characters.  This week we will take a look at one of the newest stars of the DCU.  While this hero has been around for quite a while he has just in the past year or so taken center stage as one of the DCU’s most underrated yet most important characters.  Michael Jon Carter aka Booster Gold may be the only man who can save the DCU, and is this week’s Demanded Character.

Taking a look at last weeks poll, the Red Arrow seemed to be the most popular version of Roy Harper everyone wanted to see.

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A football hero of the 25th century always wanted fame and fortune.  Michael would try to increase his fortune by betting on his own games.  These actions would lead him to being banned from the sport and a disgrace to football.  The only job he could get was a night watchman at a space museum.  As he would clean he would look at the relics from the 20th century, yearning to be a hero.  Thinking he could use technology from the future and travel to the past he could make a ton of money and be famous. He kidnapped a security robot named Skeets to help him steal the tools.  With the robot in tow Michael would steal a Legion flight ring and a personal force shield, and he activated Rip Hunters time machine, sending him and Skeets back to the 20th century. 

When he arrived in the past he put his knowledge and tools to work, taking the name Booster Gold.  He used Skeets, a data machine, utilizing his database to be the first on the scene for various crises and crimes.  Booster would join the Justice League and become one of the big guns of the 80’s and 90’s.  While he would never reach the top level he would be part of multiple incarnations of the Justice League, fighting against Monarch, Doomsday and most recently Mr. Mind.  In every team one thing remained constant: his friendship with fellow teammate Blue Beatle, aka Ted Kord.  The two were the Batman and Robin of the League, always getting out of the trouble Booster caused.  Over time Ted would redesign and improve on Boosters suit making him a real force in the DCU.  While for a time the 2 went their own ways they would always end up teaming up until Beatle’s death at the hands of their old Boss Maxwell Lord.  Booster blames himself and is trying to do right by his old friend. 

The main motivation for Booster has always been to gain fame and fortune, until now.  After the events of 52, Booster’s mission is now to be one of the world’s greatest heroes that no one will ever know.  His mission is to fix anomalies in time with Rip Hunter and Skeets.  He has to remain in the public eye as a self-centered fame seeking fool so that his mission is not compromised. 

Throughout his career he has had many costumes so what costume do you want to see the Original, midas armor, armored 1, armored 2, classic armor, modern, Booster with a Cape, or finally Supernova?

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