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Make My Marvel! – Wrecker

How much can you really say about a supervillain who wields a crowbar?  Surprisingly, the answer is: more than this intro space can hold!  Let’s demolish some browser text space with the Wrecker!

Last week’s poll recap: With 57% of the vote, classic Shang-chi was your pick for a Hasbro Marvel Legends figure.  18% voted for a classic version sans vest.  While many commented that a classic, topless (watch that hitcount skyrocket) version with a removable vest would make both camps happy, there was a lot of apprehension about Hasbro using actual fabric for the accessory.  If they go that route, then a soft plastic vest is a necessity. 



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Make My Marvel! – Wrecker




Dirk Garthwaite?  Yeah, “Wrecker” is definitely an improvement over that.  Dirk was a disgruntled demolitions worker who’d been fired for his anger issues and several violent oubursts on the job.  He subsequently created the Wrecker costume and identity.  Wielding a crowbar, the Wrecker began a crime spree lasting months before he happened upon and accosted a depowered Loki, who was in the process of trying to regain his lost powers.  In the confusion, the Wrecker was granted mystical powers in Loki’s stead.



Wrecker then went on a major criminal rampage before being brought down by Thor.  The two had several more scuffles before the thunder god managed to divest the Wrecker of his powers by electrocuting him on the third rail of a subway track.  When Wrecker later found a way to regain his powers, he shared them with several other prison escapees.  The four criminals became the Wrecking Crew who tangled with the Avengers for over a decade before Wrecker eventually syphoned back his full power.



Wrecker has super-strength and incredibly dense skin making him nearly invulnerable.  He also has complete mental control of his crowbar, often the source of his power.  His bond with his crowbar and any who touch it have aided the Wrecker in several escapes from incarceration.  It’s an unhealthy, codependent relationship at best.



Figure time!  At 6’3” and 320 lbs., Wrecker’s a big guy but probably not modern BAF big.  That’s fine, since he could probably sell fine on his own.  He’s a classic, a-list villain who’s sure to be popular with most if not all adult ML collectors.  He’s also got the color scheme of the archetypal “bad guy”, making him an easy choice for kids when looking for a figure for their ML Captain America to wail on.  Accessory-wise, he’ll need his crowbar.  A removable mask/helmet would be nice, though not a necessity.

What’s your ideal Marvel Legends Wrecker figure?















































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