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DC Universe Classics Official Fan Polls

{mosimage}After turning in the results of the recent DCUC
Top Ten
, Mattel came to us and asked if we could do a few
"supplementary" polls to further guage exactly who the fans want to
see, and how badly we want to see them in plastic in the DCUC line. So,
this is what we are going to do:

Based on the current DCUC waves’ character configurations and
breakdowns we are going to run FIVE (5) new polls comprised of two
B/C-list character votes (since there are two spots for them in each
assortment), one fan-favorite poll, one all female poll and one all
villain poll. We think that this will give the most detailed feedback
possible based on character lists that we came up with alongside

First, there are no A-list characters in any of these polls. The
fact is, A-list characters are going to get done, it is just a question
of when. Thus, these are the characters were left out on purpose from
these polls:

  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern (all)
  • Flash (all)
  • Hawkman
  • Hawkgirl
  • Green Arrow
  • Black Canary
  • Zatanna
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Captain Marvel

Don’t be alarmed that you do not see these names as we are not running an A-list character poll.

Now, on to the rules.


1. Vote for the one character from each list that you want to see the most in comparison to the other characters in the poll option.

2. After you have voted, please post a reply in the topic ranking
all of the characters in that list in the order of your most wanted.
For example, if in the Female Poll I wanted Power Girl the most I would
vote for her. Then, I would post a repy ranking all of the females,
like this:

1. Power Girl

2. Liberty Belle

3. Ice

4. Fire

5. Star Girl

6. Big Barda

7. Mary Marvel

8. Vixen

9. Huntress

10. Starfire

Simple enough, right? I know this is detailed, but trust me, taking the time and doing it right counts.

3. No talking in the poll threads. We will have a discussion thread for the polls where you can talk about picks, ask questions, etcetera.
All discussion will be deleted from the poll threads.

4. You may edit your numbered lists as many times as you like until
the poll closes, but you cannot change your poll choice. Choose well.

5. Reply with a list in each poll only once. If you list more than once, all of your picks will be thrown out.

6. If you have any questions at all, ask in the discussion thread or pm me personally.

Here are the poll threads: 

Mattel will be watching the progress of these polls so let’s give them some detailed information. 

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