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Ask Hasbro – 9/9/7

Every month Hasbro will be answering 5 questions pertaining to their Marvel product.

Here is the second round (it’s actually third, but Fwoosh being Fwoosh we missed the second round. doh!)….

1. Are you or would you consider Hasbrotoyshop exclusive repaints/resculpts? There are a great many characters and costumes that can be accomplished fairly easily utilizing existing figures.

Agreed, and we’ve both considered and used this option already! We’re also examining the prospect of offering more collector wants as exclusives on HasbroToyShop and through other channels.

2. Do the Marvel Animated Feature Films affect the character choices in Marvel Legends?

They are certainly one of the factors that we consider.

3. Did the sales on the Spider-man 3 action figures have any affect on
your decisions on future 5 inch lines?

The 5-inch figures were a big hit with kids and we’re very happy with the performance of this year’s movie lines. With that said, we’ve also heard the collector ask for more 6-inch movie product that would fit in with
their Legends collections. For that reason, you’ll see both 5" and 6" product on the shelves for Fantastic Four and Spider-Man this holiday season.

4. The new animated Spider-man cartoon looks to be designed by the same artist that did the animated Hellboy movies. Gentle Giant Studios
just produced an animated Hellboy figure that was well articulated and spot on to that style, any chance you would use them to sculpt a toyline based on this new Spider-man cartoon?

Gentle Giant is an extremely talented sculpthouse – they do incredible work! It is certainly within the realm of possibility as we’ve worked with them in the past and continue to do so.

5. How large of a segment of your consumer base for the Marvel action figures to you think collectors represent?

We can’t answer market segmentation questions in this forum. However, we can say this…Collectors are an important part of the Marvel business.

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