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CC17: Marvel Universe Unfinished Business 9


The latest figures from the MU:UB series of 5" scale figures is a two-pack "face-off" set of the Mandroid vs. the Dreadnought.  

S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage, Logistics Division) is the premier international counterterrorism and intelligence agency in the Marvel Universe.  For missions involving super powered foes (such as the Hulk), use of the Mandroid armored combat suit is often authorized. 

The many enemy organizations opposed to S.H.I.E.L.D include the resilient HYDRA terrorist group.  Their preferred commandos are the fearsome robot Dreadnoughts.

Mandroid combat suits are developed for SHIELD by Stark International.  Standing 7 1/4 feet tall, it has an outer layer of omnium steel and boosts the users strength by a factor of 20.  A thermoelectric radioisotope electric generator powers its offensive weaponry, including 2 High neuronic frequency stun cannons, Electro-gravitic tractor/repeller field generators and a laser torch.


The Hydra Dreadnought stands 8ft tall, is protected by a titanium alloy layer and powered by a fusion generator.  It’s offensive capabilities include flamethrowers, firing spikes, gamma ray projectors in its eyes, electrical charges and freezing gas vents in its mouth.

Al Lew
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Mandroid – X-Men Evolution Juggernaut base figure, Classic Light-Up X-Men Juggernaut head, Marvel Legends Omega Red shoulder pads and tentacles (for the hoses), Spiderman Electro accessory for left hand weapon and X-Men Phalanx accessory for right hand weapon.

Dreadnought – Marvel Legends Iron Man Thorbuster modified with kneadatite


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