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CC17: Masters of Evil Pt. 3

  The next wave of Marvel legends figures has been announced:
Masters of Evil!
 There will be 9 figures in the line as well as a box set and build-
a-figure.  The first 6 figures, Mr. Hyde,  Absorbing Man, Tigershark,
Whirlwind, Beetle and Screaming Mimi have already been previewed,
here are the next three:  Fixer with Yellowjacket, Baron Zemo, and



Fixer was a gambit with Apoxie Sculpt.  The gun was from a ML Blade,
Yellowjacket is a Heroclix figure on the clear piece the yellowjacket
that came with the ML Wonderman was on.

Baron Zemo was a Spidey classics Daredevil with a gun and holster
from a ML Dr. Doom

Moonstone was a ML Elektra 


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