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CC17: Marvel legends Visual Suggestions Line

In an effort to entice Hasbro to redefine the way they make Marvel Legends, I’ve made a ”visual suggestion’ on ways they can update some of their Legends line.



Banshee – ML15 Falcon body with Longshot head. Hair was sculpted  Wing tendrils are from Mr. Sinister.

Kang – Baron Zemo body, Faceoff Captain America Head, Captian Marvel legs, Movie Mr. fantastic Hands. Helmet and body trimmings were sculpted with Apoxie.

Dr. Doom – Body Mr. Sinister. Cape was a combo of Thor and a Taskmaster hood. All armor and Garments were sculpted with Apoxie.

Blade – Body – Black Panther. Head was an Archangel. Arms are Ninja strike Wolverine. Legs are Movie Ghost Rider. Shades were sculpted on. Shoot gun was from Bishop and sword from Nightcrawler.

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