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SDCC Exclusives List

Lost and confused amongst all the SDCC hoopla?  Well fear not, because resident super fwoosher b0bb33z3r has been kind enough to put together a list of SDCC exclusives.  This list will be updated accordingly as more items are announced so stay tuned to this space to keep track of all the SDCC excitement.

-MOTU: He-Man Staction
-GoW: Posiedon’s Rage Kratos
-300: Battle Leonidas
-Harry Potter and the OoTP: Harry and Hedwig
-TNBC: Vampire Jack

-TF: Alternators Rodimus
-TF: Titanium Menasaur
-HML: Stan Lee/Spiderman
-HML: She-Hulk
-GI Joe: Pimp Daddy Destro
-SW: 501st Legion R2-KT
-SW: Obi-Wan and Yoda w/ Collector Coin
-BSG: Titanium Vehicle 3-pack

The Four Horsemen
-Elephants: Ramathorr

-Abe Sapien
-Goonies: Replica "copper bones" key

Diamond Select
-Zombie Cap bust
-Star Trek Wrath of Kahn Figures:
Sulu – DS booth
McCoy – New Force Comics booth
Scotty – AFX booth
Chekov – Toyrocket booth
(buy all 4 and get Khan free)

Sideshow Collectibles
-Medicom Vinyl Blackhole Stormstrooper
-Black Costume Spider-Man 3 bust (1500)
-Holographic Darth Sidious with Mechno Chair
-Weapon X/Marvel Archives (500)
-T2 John Connor mini-bust (1000)

-SDCC HeroClix Fin Fang Foom Orange Variant (1250)
-Halo 3 Battle Damaged SCARAB Tank

-MOTU: Classic colors King Randor Staction (2500)
-Age of Apocalypse Blink Bust (600)
-Rachel Grey/Marvel Girl (600)
-Rachel Grey/Deathmark (400)

-Futurama: 12" Gold Bender bank (480)
-SW: Red Clone Trooper Bobblehead(1000)
-Peanuts: Woodstock and Capt. Snoopy Bobblehead
-Betty Boop: Red Devil and Sparkle Angel Bobblehead
-Loony Tunes: Marvin Martian (Gold: 480/Silver: 480)

Gentle Giant Studios
-SW: Commander Cody mini-bust (3500)
-Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood mini-bust (1000)
-LOTR: Glorfindel mini-bust (500)
-SW Animated Maquette: Yoda and R2

-2 different exclusive t-shirts (one charlie brown, one pigpen)

-SM3: Black Costume Paperwight
-SM3: Clear Venom Paperwight
-SM3: Pewter Spider-Man Paperwight
-DC: Brass Wonder Woman Paperwight
-TNBC: Bronze Jack and Sally in shape of coffin Paperwight (100)

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