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Make My Marvel! – Doc Samson

Can you hear that– the "thoom, thoom" of size 40 feet stomping a mudhole in iron armor?  That’s the sound of this summer’s upcoming mega Marvel crossover World War Hulk.  In honor of the green one’s return to terra firma, this week I’ll be spotlighting one of the Hulk’s more prominent allies/foes to not yet get the Marvel Legends treatment.  Come on in and let’s braid hair with Doc Samson.

Last week’s poll recap: It was neck-and-neck between the modern and Age of Apocalypse costumes, but Morph’s current Exiles look wins with 45%.  Morph’s AoA outfit comes in second with a respectable 30%.  So, if there’s a way to make the modern the regular release with the AoA as the variant (same base body, repaint w/soft plastic neck/boot cuff accessories to make the AoA, maybe?) Hasbro could please a large portion of collectors.



Make My Marvel! – Doc Samson



Dr. Leonard "Doc" Samson began comic book life as psychiatrist assigned to help Bruce Banner with his anger management issues.  Exposed to siphoned Gamma Rays, Doc gained superhuman strength and durability, similar but not equal to that of the Hulk.  The gamma rays had the added effect of turning Doc’s hair emerald green, the length of which for a time was directly proportional to his strength.  That’s no longer the case, but Samson still keeps the hair long– just ’cause he likes to feel pretty.


Doc was successful in helping Banner manage his inner demons and actually put the Hulk behind him for a time.  That is, until Samson decided to put the moves on Hulk’s then-squeeze, Betty Ross.  That makes Doc double stupid for A. violating one of the cardinal rules of guydom in cock-blocking another man’s game, and B. getting romantically involved with the significant other of a patient he’s treating.  For a guy that graduated med school, he doesn’t seem to be too on the ball.  All that Pantene Pro-V must be seeping into his brain.


Samson’s actions caused Banner to willingly become the Hulk again, this time so he could wail on Doc’s candy ass.  Suddenly developing professional ethics, Doc made it his mission in life to help cure Bruce of his personality issues for good.

Following the Hulk shenanigans, Doc actually managed to hold onto his license and has since become the Marvel Universe’s premiere superhero therapist.  He’s been featured counseling She-Hulk, the Punisher, the X-Men and two teams of X-Factor (insert your own multiple man joke here).  He may be a bona fide superhero now, but the man’s still got hair care products to pay for and cheesy lighting bolt t-shirts to custom order.  It’s not like you can find those at the GAP.  I know I’m not the only one who’d like to forget Doc’s short stint in that pink “daddy’s little princess” shirt.


Doc’s recently been revealed to be one of the Illuminati’s flunkies, helping to plan the Hulk’s forced exodus into space.  That’s probably not going to come back to haunt him anytime soon.  Doc will no doubt be playing a significant part in this summer’s epic Marvel event World War Hulk—that being the part of the Fabio-wanna-be who gets his face stomped into the dirt and his Herbal Essences locks used as toilet paper by a certain green behemoth.  Can you tell I’m looking forward to WWH yet?

Which Doc is your must have ML figure?

A. Classic

B. 80’s/90’s



C. Mini-series


D. Retro

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