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Make My Marvel! – Morph

This week: a character who’s long overdue for some Marvel Legends love– and not the kind I perform in my bathtub with my Man-thing and a loofah.  Jump in and read about everyone’s third favorite dead mutant: Morph.

Last week’s poll recap: With a war-mongering 88% you chose Modern Ares for Legend-hood. Hasbro, make it look even half as good as this custom by Fwoosh’s own Zombihamma, and we collectors can die happy:

Make My Marvel! – Morph

Morph, aka Kevin Sydney, is a mutant from a parallel earth who saves the world over and over and over as part of the reality-hopping Exiles team. Morph fills the light-hearted, lovable buffoon role and is the team’s only constant member since the beginning. Despite extreme similarities, the Exiles Morph is not the Morph seen in the Age of Apocalypse, but one from another, brighter reality where he was both an X-Man and an Avenger. Morph’s 616 counterpart was known as Changeling who died while impersonating Professor X in the days of the original X-Men.

Morph has the mutant ability to reshape his body at will to any form. Think Mr. Fantastic, but with Mystique’s appearance-changing abilities. The powers and attitude might remind one of Slapstick without the suck.

Recently, Morph has been possessed by the Proteus from the "House of M" reality. Based on the results seen with his past victims, it is assumed that Morph’s mind/soul/etc is dead, though the malleable nature of his body allows Proteus to inhabit it without risk of if burning out. Subsequently, Proteus has been brainwashed into thinking he is Morph with full access to the original’s memories. Though he requires routine mind-wipes, the team has more-or-less carried on as though Morph never died.

I’m not sure which is sicker: making a copy of their friend out of his killer who now possesses his dead body, or making him wear a stupid tiara in order to do it. The latter’s just cruel!

Morph would of course have to be an all-new sculpt and extra limbs as accessories would be an absolute necessity. A pair of interchangeable giant hammer/fist/buzzsaw arms ala ML5 or movie Mister Fantastic might suffice. Throw in an extra head with an extended, bendy neck and that should do the trick.

Which version of Morph would you like Hasbro to make?

A. 1st App. Changeling

B. AoA

C. Modern Exiles

D. X-Men animated

As always, head over the MakeMyMarvel! thread in the Unofficial Marvel forum and vote in this week’s costume poll.  Post comments about this article and make suggestions for upcoming MMMs!