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Make My Marvel! – Ares, God of War

This week: a character who’s had a lot of media success in the last couple of years.  TV, video games, an internet sextape, the middle east,… the god of war is IN, baby.  Come on in and enlist with Ares, God of War, who’s actually more of a Dance Dance Revolution kind of guy.

First, a recap of last week’s poll: With 71%, the modern Warpath takes it with the X-Force II & Thunderbird-esque costumes tying for a distant second with a dismal 12% each.  If you’re listening, Hasbro: we want a modern Warpath to go with the upcoming Rachel Grey.  And, don’t forget the bowie knives!


It can be argued that the best heroes are reformed villains– misunderstood loners with a dark past they’re either trying to escape or make amends for.  What’s interesting is that every character, new or old, is based on Greek archetypes that’ve existed for thousands of years.  There are no "new" characters, save for one: the anti-hero.  The anti-hero is a relatively modern invention and it’s only fitting that this week’s MMM! is a character based in Greek mythology to whom we can now apply that moniker.

Make My Marvel! – Ares

Hot off his excellent self-titled miniseries comes Ares, God of War.  Or more accurately, the god of "bloodlust" or savagery in battle.  The Marvel version of the character adheres far more closely to the original Greek mythology than most modern tv/movie interpretations of the character.  He doesn’t so much create war, he’s just damn good at it.

One of the Greek gods, Ares’ bloodthirsty nature has made him crave conflict– so much so that he was initially a villain seeking to overthrow Zeus.  Over the years Ares has been a sparring partner for the Avengers, as well as several other Marvel heroes.

Tired of being treated as a necessary evil by his Greek peers whenever they needed a battle won, Ares has rejected his supernatural life for a mortal existence.  Ares finds fulfillment working an honest living in manual labor while raising a son on his own.  Fate intervenes when the same gods who shunned him, summon Ares to Olympus.  The Greek gods are in a losing war with the Japanese god of evil, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, and they need his battle prowess.  Finding that his bretheren still look on him with disdain, Ares refuses.  Thinking to force his aid, the gods kidnap Ares’ son.  This turns out to be a monumental f&%king mistake.  In the style of an 80’s Stallone or Ahnold flick: it is on, bitches!

Ares gives into the bloodlust he’d long denied himself, tearing his way first through the mortal authorities, all the way to Zeus himself.  Unfortunately, the eastern gods have already stolen Ares’ son from the Greeks.  What follows is perhaps one of the most brutal battles in the last decade of comics.  Suffice it to say, you need to pick this series up if you haven’t already.


As a deity, Ares is immortal with godlike strength, stamina, reflexes, speed, durability and healing.  As the god of war, his fighting skills are second to none… at least until he became one of Iron Taint’s Mighty Avengers where so far the character doesn’t do much except get his ass kicked a whole lot. Great going, Bendis: Take one of the better revamped badasses of the last few years and completely neuter him.  Maybe a few more thought bubbles of self-doubt’ll do the trick.  You’re sooo talented!

Most.  Irritating.  Book.  Ever.

An Ares figure would have to be an all-new sculpt.  Any version will require weapons as accessories: axe & sword for the modern, machine guns & knives for the mini-series revamp version, spears & axes for the classic.  The modern version will also need the removable helmet.

A little something for all the anti-reggers out there.

Ares is currently featured in one of Marvel’s mainstream team books, though the mini-series is really where the character shines.  That goodwill only lasts for so long, which is why Hasbro needs to make an Ares figure sooner rather than later.

Which flavor of Ares?

A. Modern

B. Mini-Series

C. Classic


As always, head over the MakeMyMarvel! thread in the Unofficial Marvel forum and vote in this week’s costume poll.  Post comments about this article and make suggestions for upcoming MMMs!

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