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4H: The 7th Kingdom – Size DOES Matter!

The Four Horsemen have released images of the size comparison between last year’s FANtastic exclusive winner – Xetheus: Champion of Mynothecea, and the victor of 2007’s FANtastic Exclusive voting – the Elephant Swordsman!

Fans decided in one of the later rounds of voting how big they wanted the Elephant Swordsman to be, and as the photos show, he’s elephantine in scale! While the 6 inch scaled Xetheus stood around 7 inches tall total, the Elephant Swordsman really pushes the limits of a blister card, hovering between 9 and 10 inches tall!

With great size comes a slightly heftier price tag. While Xetheus is still available at the Four Horsemen’s online store – Store Horsemen ( for $20.00 each, The Elephant Swordsman will be sold both on that same website and at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con for $25.00 each. But if you own or have played with Xetheus, then you already know that’s not going to be too great a price to ask.

Also, the Four Horsemen will once again be teaming with various online, toy related partners to bring you some incredible, site-exclusive variants this year. Keep checking back to your favorite online toy news source – Fwooshnet – over the next few weeks for more details on those events!

FANtastic Exclusive 2007. Bigger. Badder. Better.

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