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4H Reveal First of Eight Variants


Last year the Four Horsemen’s fan based action figure project FANtastic Exclusive 2006 saw the release of the Mynothecean Six, including Xetheus: Champion of Mynothecea and the five Mynothecean Warrior variants, as well as the release of the Mynothecean Royal Guardsman.

The response to these variants was so overwhelming that the Four Horsemen have decided to do it again with FANtastic Exclusive 2007 (, but this time, the base character will be the previously revealed Elephant Swordsman. Now the swordsman’s name is finally revealed: Ramathorr: Captain of the Anitherian Guard!
In 2006 all six of the Mynothecean variant figures sold out in record time, and this year the ante has been upped. Eight Anitherian Guardsmen will be backing Ramathorr in his quest to keep the kingdom of Animynthus peaceful!
Just like last years’ venture, the Four Horsemen have also partnered up with various participants throughout the action figure collecting community to bring all of these incredible beasts to you!
Over the next few weeks – every Tuesday and Friday – the Four Horsemen plan to reveal another of the Anitherian Nine, and the company which will be carrying that excusive figure, to action figure fandom.
The first in line to be revealed is one of Ramathorr’s most trusted enforcers, the elephant guardsman – ‘The Hammer of Gholl’!


The Hammer of Gholl will come equipped with a war hammer, a long-handled battle blade, and a removable helmet.
The Hammer of Gholl will be available as an extremely limited exclusive item through Diamond Comic Distributors/Previews and as part of the Anitherian Nine set through Store Horsemen ( Price and production run to be determined and announced at a later time.
Be sure to check back at your favorite action figure news outlet every Tuesday and Friday for new images and info on the remaining members of Fantastic Exclusive 2007’s Anitherian Nine!

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