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Marvel Top Ten Results – Spring ’07 (AF*)

It’s time for the results of another Top Ten.  The entire Fwoosh community came out and rallied support for their ten favorite characters.  We will be submitting these to Hasbro, as the Fwoosh community’s most wanted characters to be made into action figures. 

So without further ado, let’s get on with show.  It’s been a long wait and I’m sure you’re dying to see who won.

And the Winner is…




#1 SHANG CHI!! [ 150 votes]

The Master of Kung Fu himself pulled a huge upset over everyone this time around.  He had an overwhelming presence in the vote and is the character who has gotten the most votes in any of the Top Tens.  Shang Chi’s gonna go celebrate the victory at Chucky Cheese’s – who else is going?
#2 TASKMASTER (Udon) [130 votes]

The classic Taskmaster has already been made, so now pretty much everyone wants The Udon Style Taskmaster redesign. It was again very popular in the vote, and was a huge climber with in terms of ranking this go around.
#3 Agent X [120 votes]

Right on Taskmaster’s heels – you couldn’t get an Udon Taskmaster without having the fan favorite Agent X as well. This was another a huge climber in the vote, a new face to the top ten who hasn’t been in the Top Ten before.
#4 Son of Satan [110 votes]

Daimon Hellstrom is burning up the chart.  He rode his big fiery demon horse drawn chariot up to the #4 position. Allot of people wonder if they can actually pull off the Son of Satan, with Wal-mart and all. But this will give Hasbro the message of the fan support behind him. Maybe they can just re-name him “Bob” and slap him on the shelves to get past Wal-mart’s defenses.
#5 Morbius (Classic) [100 votes]

We’ve gotten a Morbius, but he’s never really been done in the proper iconic costume, There is much love for the M-meister’s classic 70s Disco Vampire look. Hopefully this one won’t have a wonky rubbery head too.
#6 Blade (Classic) [90 votes]

Wesley Snipes is starting to look strange in allot of peoples Marvel Comic Shelves.  Yeah we’ve gotten a Blade before, but with the range we have in ML we need a comic based Blade. The classic look straight out of the Tomb of Dracula was the dominant look. There were a few votes for his 90’s Nightstalkers look as well.
#7 Arnim Zola [80 votes]

It’s a hard freaking name to remember how to type, but an unforgettable design. Zola is one freaky mofo, which would make such an awesome action figure. Zola’s been screwing around with just about everything scientificy for a long time. You see something weird in comics, like a dog with an ass for a head – it’s probably Zola’s doing.
#8 Satana [70 votes]

Super hottie, the sister of the son of the Son of Satan, Daughter of Satan doesn’t have the same flow or have the "s" – so she opted for Satana. Another climber in the vote, Satana is also a new face.
#9 Razorback [60 votes]

Razorback… ranked? This was quite an upset, but people seem to love the Super Trucker with the Mutant Ability to operate any vehicle. Yes, and he has an electrified mane on his back, so if you happened to touch it you get electrocuted. Little known fact – RoboKillah and Razorback always hang out together.  They love going shopping at the Mall.
#10 Gladiator (Melvin Potter) [50 votes]

No, not the one with the Mohawk – the Melvin Potter Gladiator of Daredevil fame with the cool buzz saw dealies on his hand. In comic whenever he says who he is, he always has to go “I’m GLADIATOR… Melvin potter…” so people don’t get confused.

So, that’s the Ten Most Wanted, but there’s still one more thing – the Build A Figure.  The winner of that was…
Puck [40 votes]

Everyones 3rd favorite Canadain Midget, after Wolverine and Rick Moranis. The BAFs are getting smaller, and Puck is looking like a more realistic choice as a BAF now.  The people voted that he’d make a great pack in for a wave.
So anyway, that was the Top Ten this go around…

Truth be told, I didn’t actually feel like counting up the vote.  It’s a huge hassle to count up the vote and do all that work.  We decided it’d be just much easier for us Staff to pick our favorites, and were going to submit these to Hasbro with all the stats and stuff that they are really popular so Hasbro will get cracking on them. Since we do run the site and do pretty much everything, we feel our favorites are more important and take precedent to the all the “normal” Fwooshers.

Note: * April Fools!