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Make My Marvel! – Ronan the Accuser

Last week: boobies.  This week: no boobies… I think.  The results for last week’s poll are in and you chose a villain for this week’s MMM!  We’ve already got lots of figures of terrestrial threats for our earth-bound heroes.  So, let’s look to the vast reaches of space for this week’s Make My Marvel.

Make My Marvel! – Ronan the Accuser

One of the things that made the recent Marvel Comics Annihilation "event" a success was the character development.  Read it if you haven’t yet.  It was the only Marvel book published in the 12 months that didn’t have that dick Iron Man in it and it was waaay better than Civil War.  The galactic adventure took characters that were outdated with cheesy origins and showed that not only can they work well in modern comics, but that, in the right hands, each could be a total badass.  This includes old Kirby-esque Fantastic Four villain Ronan the Accuser.

Annihilation found Ronan exiled from the Kree empire in disgrace.  His quest to find the witness who wrongfully accused him and clear his name led Ronan up against Annihilus’ "Annihilation Wave" and, eventually, to the doorstep of the Kree who framed him.  After administering the bitchslap to the traitors and putting the now-lobotomized Kree Supreme Intelligence out of its misery, Ronan became emperor of what was left of the Kree empire.

As an accuser, one of the Kree’s brutal law enforcers, Ronan possesses advanced armor and carries a cosmi-rod (tee hee) though it’s actually more of a big ass hammer.  He has enhanced strength and durability, and can adapt to any environment.  If that wasn’t enough, he can freeze prisoners and can turn invisibile.  It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a tactical genius.  So with all that, you may be asking "why has this guy always gotten his ass handed to him?"  And– I would have no answer for you.

So, on to how Hasbro makes it.  No re-use this time.  Ronan would have to be sculpted from scratch.  Ronan’s close to 8-feet tall in the comics.  His scale makes him big but not Galactus-big, making him a prime candidate for a modern BAF.  Or, he could still be individually carded.  Big, hulking figures have always sold well for ML.

For the second week in a row, I’ve spotlighted a character that’s had one look his entire comicbook life.  Though, that’s not to say there haven’t been some artistic re-interpretations along the way.  For this week’s poll, I’ll be asking:

Which style would you want a Ronan figure based on?






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