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Make My Marvel! – Re-paint boxed set

I’m starting a new feature this week.  Every fifth article is going to be a little different– something other than just one character.  This week, MMM! is focusing on several simple repaints ML collectors have been begging for.


A recap of last week’s poll: With 49% you chose modern Ronan as seen in Annihilation as your choice for a figure.  Classic Ronan came in a very close 2nd with 46%.  And, in a MMM! polling first, absolutely no one voted for the Ultimate look.  It’s been brought to my attention that a Ronan BAF may already be in the works with the upcoming FF (not) classics line.  Here’s hoping it’s a modern Ronan.

Make My Marvel! – Re-paint boxed set

Repaint #1: Jim Lee Rogue

The first ML Rogue was a Joan Rivers-looking beast.  After years of whining, the recent and severely underrated X-Men line finally gave us a worthy Rogue, even if she was in the colors from Chris Claremont’s wretched X-treme X-Men.  Fans immediately pointed out how easy it would be to repaint X-Treme Rogue in her Jim Lee colors to get the near-definitive version of the character.  Fwoosh’s own Samuron did just that with his custom Rogue (seen below).  Jesse promised such a variant if there were enough re-orders.  Sadly, Toy Biz lost the license to Hasbro before the re-paint could be made and the X-Men line was canceled.  Hasbro has the mold now, so why not make some easy money and please rabid Jim Lee-era completists at the same time?

Repaint #2: Modern Deadpool

This idea has been floating around the boards for months now, so I take no credit whatsoever.  I wish I could, because it’s a badass idea.  ML15 Moon Knight (based on the ML9 Bullseye body) is the best male ML body to date.  The creativity and mad skills of several of Fwoosh’s own customizers, including Discogod whose fine work can be see below, have shown us that repainting MK makes a perfect modern DP– it doesn’t even need a new headsculpt.  Slap on a couple of soft rubber accessories (holsters, wrist/ankle bands, etc.) and the ML6 DP’s weapons and you’re done.  This one’s begging to be made.

Repaint #3: symbiote Spider-man

Again, a great costume using a really crummy base figure.  The extended torso is a real blow to black costume Spidey.  I’ve passed on this figure in stores even though it’s my favorite look for the character, hoping for a better one someday.  A simple repaint of Urban Legends Spidey, as Kirk has done in this fantastic symbiote Spider-man custom, yields a perfect symbiote/"New" New Avengers costume.

Repaint #4: Juggernaut

This one’s another case where TB promised a much-requested repaint of an already excellent and hard-to-find figure in future cases of re-orders and then failed to deliver.  Repaint Juggs in his silver & gold X-team colors as seen in the official Toyfair photos and call it a day.

Repaint #5: White Vision:

Most collectors are probably still shocked at ToyBiz’s shortsightedness at not including a white variant of the regular Vision in ML7.  Then again, the regular Vision was so ridiculously short-packed to begin with, maybe a variant of an already htf figure wouldn’t have been such a great idea at the time.  Now’s the chance to correct that and get at least one version of Vision into the hands of a lot of collectors who missed out.  For brownie points, Hasbro could also swap out Vision’s existing feet for ML7 Weapon X’s bare tootsies and make white Vision comic-accurate.

Repaint #6: Ultron

I know I’m calling this the "repaint" set, but you’ve still got to have a hook for those on the fence about buying what are basically duplicates of figures many already have.  This is where Ultron comes in…  Take a gander at the work of resident fwoosher and custom god Stef seen below.  All Hasbro would have to do in this case is to take the ML8 Iron Man body, add a newly-sculpted "classic" Ultron head (no robot dogs or cyborg rabbits need apply), paint it all silver, and you’ve got your hook.  No ML collector could pass this up.  Sure it’s not technically "classic" Ultron, but at this point it’s a close as we’re likely to get.

There you have it: Popular characters, fan-wants, & cheap repaints (mostly).  This is a no-brainer, Hasbro.  Special thanks to Samuron, Discogod, Kirk, and Stef for use of their pics of their awesome customs.

This week’s poll:

A: Give me this now!

B: Terrible idea!  I wouldn’t buy this.

C: Love the idea, but have problems with the character selections.

D: No more boxed sets.  It’s individually-carded or nothing.

As always, head over to the thread in the unofficial marvel forum to discuss this weeks MMM and make suggestions for next week’s article.