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Announcing the Froosh – more ways to Fwoosh!

Fwooshers have always been quick to identify the hot trends, and when Jesse Falcon mistakenly referred to us as "the Froosh," you made it your own. And when a new board on the Fwoosh popped up, mysteriously asking "What is the Froosh?" – within minutes you guys were on it. A lot of you made guesses, some of you came close, and all of you were pretty damn funny.

So, what is the Froosh?

The Froosh is a set of subscription-based services – email accounts on the domain and photo hosting on the fwoosh photo albums.

We have three packages available:

FwooshMail Basic – $10 / year
1GB email account (your userid @

FwooshMail and Photo Album Basic – $15 / year
1GB email account (your userid @
2GB photo album

FwooshMail and Photo Album Deluxe – $25 / year
2GB email account (your userid @
5GB photo album

Plus, each Froosher will have access to a set of members-only forums aptly named "The Froosh!"

Who can join The Froosh?

Any registered member of the Fwoosh aged 18 or over can sign up for these packages. You’ll also need a PayPal account. Why the age restriction? Since this is a pay service, we need to exclude minors. Sorry, kids!

What do you get with the email and photo hosting? And what’s different about the Froosh forums?

For email, you’ll get your userid on the domain, and the ability to use a webmail client or POP3 (e.g., Outlook Express). Yes, we have spam blockers galore! You’ll get either 1GB or 2GB of email storage, depending on which package you choose.

And if you sign up for a photo membership, you’ll be able to create personal albums on the Fwoosh photo albums to store and share your pictures, whether they’re pics of toys or not! Your albums can be public or private, and we’ll give you enough space to choke a horse – 2GB or 5GB, depending on which package you choose.

For the Froosh forums, because of the age limitation (sorry again young’uns), Froosh members will have more freedom on what can be discussed. But as far as what will be discussed, that’ll be up to the Frooshers!

So why are you charging money for this?

As you know, at the start of the year, we switched hosts to cope with all the traffic you guys are generating. Then, because you guys are crazy, we had to upgrade again, to a dedicated server. All that costs money – more than we’re getting for the few banner ads we allow on the site. And since we’ve got this spiffy new server with all this email and picture capacity on it, we thought, why not offer that to the Fwooshers?

So, no, we’re not trying to get rich off of you – we’re just trying to pay the bills, while giving you something that you could actually use.

How do I sign up?

There are two ways to sign up. First, you can post in the "Sign up for the Froosh" thread that’s stickied in the "What is the Froosh?" forum. Just indicate which of the packages you want in your post.

Second, you can use the Usergroups link at the top of any forum page. Yeah, you’ve been wondering all this time what that link is for. Just use the drop down menu to choose which package you want and click the "Join Group" button.

Whichever way you sign up, Pabs will send a Paypal request to the email that’s in your Fwoosh profile – so please make sure that address is current. Once you’ve responded to that request, we flip a magic switch here, and you’ll be on the Froosh!

Still have questions? Want to tell us we suck?

Post in the "Froosh Feedback" thread in the "What is the Froosh?" forum.

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