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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Giant-Man Updates and Wasp Two-Pack Pre-Order

Yes! When this campaign was going, I really wanted to see a regular sized version of Ant-Man offered and a matching Wasp and Hasbro has obliged with a Two-Pack hitting Hasbro Pulse this Tuesday 4/9 at 10:00 AM PT.

The Fanstream kicked off with a look at the eye changing feature for Giant-Man. It’s always funny to me to see these eye things without the face fully on, like a miniature Westworld scene in your house, but it looks really easy and solid to change from straight on eyes to side-eye. I had forgot we were getting that option to be honest, so it’s all bonus for me.

We also got a nice look at the snazzy box art I’m going to feel guilty about recycling a few months from now. They mentioned some easter eggs will be on the back and sides, so I’m curious what those will be. It would be cool if the back had a city street backdrop to photograph Giant-Man against.

The big news was a closer look at the upcoming Wasp figure who is looking absolutely stunning. The unmasked portrait feels perfectly Classic too like she lept off the pages of John Buscema illustrated comic.

She also comes with a really nice regular-sized Giant-Man with some cool display options including a soft goods lab coat and some scientific equipment. The tiny Quin-Jet is a fun accessory that fits with Pym’s character well. Boy that design does seem like it might be doable as a Haslab, huh?

The slide says April 10, but Dan Yun confirmed on Twitter that it’s Tuesday April 9, 1:00 PM ET for Pulse Premium Members, 2PM for everybody else. I’m getting my pre-order in for sure because I need this set bad! I do love that they didn’t include this with the Haslab so people who can’t afford or don’t have space for a Giant-Man can get the character represented on the shelf.

2 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Giant-Man Updates and Wasp Two-Pack Pre-Order

  1. I’m surprised they made a new Hank head, I would’ve expected them to reuse the one from the West Coast Avengers box set. Looks good, too.

  2. The heads on Janet look great. The strides Hasbro’s made on head sculpts and face printing is impressive.

    Also, it’s nice to get a two-pack with a solid accessory loadout and NOT see Hasbro jack up the price for it.

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