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Four Horsemen Studios: Retailer Appreciation Wave Pre-Order

The Four Horsemen have another wave of figures up for pre-order on fan-centered retailers like Big Bad Toystore. These include repaints of previous Figura Obscura Releases of the Masque of the Red Death, Sun Wukong, and the ghost of Jacob Marley. I got the original releases of these three and they look to include the same stuff as the originals, just in new colors. The originals are fantastic figures that I highly recommend.

I don’t follow Mythic Legions quite close enough to identify the parts re-use on the Undead of Vikenfell figure, but this skeleton army builder does have a new head first used on this release according to the ad copy. I’m going to guess the new one is the skull with designs on it since I don’t remember that one.

The highlight for this round for me and already pre-ordered is the Cosmic Legions Shadow Circle deluxe figure. I’ve abstained from Cosmic Legions thus far, but the tribute to the Fisher Price Alien Pilot from the Firestar 1 pulled me in. He also seems to have a ton of other optional parts for army building so it looks like he’ll be a good first figure to try out. God, those onesixth shooter pics are gorgeous too, right?

All five figures are up for pre-order now on and are expected to ship in the third quarter of 2024.