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Hasbro: G.I. Joe Classified Fanstream 2/29/24

The Joe Team killed it again with another exciting fanstream today revealing three new name-only reveals, four digital renders and seven pre-orders. Yo Joe!

The first couple name-only reveals were the S.A.W. Viper and Dial Tone were dropped at the beginning of the show, but Emily gave us the name Frag-Viper at the last minute as an apology for over-estimating the number of pre-orders as 8 instead of 7. Very cool to do. The S.A.W. stood out for me since he’s such an evil bastard in the comic, murdering several Joes in cold blood including Doc, Breaker, and Quick Kick.

They also did a nice little plug for the Energon universe comics from Skybound. I’ve been enjoying Duke and Cobra Commander quite a bit and a nice bonus is they use a lot of the designs from Classified in the books.

The render reveals were retro Beach Head, Cobra Eel, and the Snow Serpent as well the Cobra Ferret with Cobra Ferret Scout. Beach Head has the most obvious differences in retro form with a whole different body (looks like the Stalker body to me) and additional weapons. I’m hoping that shorter vest will allow for more ab articulation movement than the original figure. The Eel looks very much the same to me, but they said there were little differences. I’m not seeing them other than the tether on the spear gun, so maybe the pack doesn’t have the red? I was kind of disappointed this one didn’t have a retro styled backpack and spear gun. The Snow Serpent has much more vibrant colors now and a more familiar back pack. I think a squad of this version will look awesome lead by the original figure in his wolf pelt.

I was a little surprised by how much gray is on the Ferret Scout’s costume, but they mentioned that was influenced by other gray drivers in the line like the driver of the Stinger. One of the older product shots, I want to say it was the VAMP showed a gray driver blurry in the deep background that I was thinking was the Stinger driver, but it was probably this one. Lenny mentioned that the Ferret has a bouncy suspension and a “chunky feel” like a big cheeseburger! I cannot wait to see more of this thing in action and I love the inclusion of a specific driver for it since it never had one in the original line. I’m here for all the new additions.

The Tiger Force two-pack of Roadblock and Tripwire actually went up for sale at before the show, so you can pre-order this now if you like. I love the pack and Ma Duece for Roadblock is finally included and they showed off that the tripod for the gun can store on the pack.

Doc headlines the next four figure wave of general releases and features a bunch of pouches that can plug into various holes on his web gear. You can even move one of the holsters to different spots. The Stretcher folds in half and can be worn as a pack and can actually attach to one of the lower holes on the vest, so it can be worn a bit lower on his back which I think looks a little better. I was glad to see that the glasses are translucent green.

The Night Creeper looks fantastic and they specifically called out that one of his swords has a slight green tint in order to convey the idea that he’s got it coated in poison. I did find it interesting that Tony specifically stated that they needed a leader, so perhaps the Night Creeper leader figure will be hitting sooner rather than later.

Torch rounds off the original three Dreadnoks in spectacular fashion. For Torch, they called out that the blast effects will be of a stiffer plastic so they don’t droop and also showed off the back of the vest that sports a ton of tiny rivet details. Lenny also said that the misspelled “noks” on the back of the tank was purposeful because Torch can’t spell. Me too, Torch, me too.

Jinx brought us to the gun show with her impressive bare arms that they added to give her more of tough and edgy vibe than the classic look.

Gnawgahyde is another fine looking Dreadnok, this time with a couple of animal buddies. I love the look of the monkey teamed up with the pig and Gnawgahyde’s snake head tattoo around his ear. There’s so much great detail on this guy, even the back has a ton of jaguar print detail.

Finally they ended up with the surprisingly massive HMS with Techno-Viper. The missiles on this thing look bonkers big (about 9 inches!) and were originally designed even larger. They designed the tow rig to be adjustable so it works with the HISS, but will also work with other vehicles (Stinger pretty much confirmed!?). All of this stuff is scheduled to hit pre-order at 1PM Eastern time. The Tiger Force are Target Exclusives with a little bit on sale on Pulse, the other figures are mainline available at most places, and the HMS is a Pulse exclusive with a one hour window for Pulse members only.