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Hasbro: G.I. Joe Classified Cobra Eels

I just recently got my G.I. Joe Classified Torpedo, so I’m pretty happy these Eels landed a bit early in order to give him somebody to fight! Let’s take a look at the G.I. Joe Classified Cobra Eel!

The plastic free packaging is going away soon, but I’m enjoying these while it lasts. I really like the painted portraits on the front insert, left side, and figure tray as well as the digital scene of the Eel in action with the fun nods to the old Sunbow cartoon and snazzy submarine setting. There is a QR code on the right hand side of the box that leads you to the hasbro toy shop G.I. Classified section which is fine, but it would be cool if that actually lead to some more bio information, file cards, or even a comic featuring Eels.

The Eel comes with a scuba tank, a helmet, a knife, flippers, and a harpoon gun. Most of this is familiar if you have the Torpedo figure already.

The knife is the same as the one that comes with Torpedo and is cast in black plastic with a painted handle. It fits securely into a thigh sheathe.

The flippers are the same as Torpedo’s flippers and hook onto his feet. They are a fairly soft plastic and have no paint detail and stay on fairly securely. There is a hole in the flipper bottom so that you can still use a figure stand with foot pegs on the Eel.

The spear gun is, you might guess, the same as Torpedo’s spear gun. It’s a fairly soft plastic and likes to bend. The gun has nice detail with the spear painted gold and the leash painted the same red as the Eel’s red wetsuit. I’ve been trying to figure out how he should hold the spear gun as it seems to me there is a line that you probably wouldn’t want to put your hand on when firing right where you would normally support a rifle with your second hand. It also occurs to me that the piece below the barrel might just be some extra line stored there and fine to hold.

The pack is Torpedo’s with a twist. There are little jets attached to the bottom where you could attach Torpedo’s gun on the bottom. I do miss the more overtly sci-fi look of the vintage pack and the way it added more tubes to his overall design.

The highlight of the set for me is the helmet. It has tubes that attach to the pack from the front mouthpiece and translucent lenses so you can see the intense stare through the helmet. The one downside of Torpedo for me is that you couldn’t see his eyes through his mask, so I’m glad they went with the translucency here. The helmet is super tight to the figure’s head so it stays on securely and the head can move and hold position without the tubes moving the head or the helmet repositioning.

The sculpting is really nice and while he re-uses most of the excellent Torpedo base body, there is enough new stuff (shoulders, helmet, harness, forearms, sheathe, lower torso, head and helmet) to differentiate him from Torpedo. It’s probably the most super-hero like base body in this line since a wetsuit is very similar to full body super-hero togs, but the anatomy isn’t too grossly exaggerated and unrealistically muscular. My one quibble is that the shoulder harness does bulk up his traps a bit and therefore make his shoulders seem oddly lower than they should be.

The articulation is standard for the classified line and allows the figure a great range of movement. The only limitation really is that I wish the head could look up better. The hinged neck would have been nice on this guy to let him look forward more naturally while in a swimming position. The shoulder movement seemed limited at first due to the size of the shoulder pad, but you can finagle it into the socket for full range. The Eel has:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Hinged mid-torso and butterfly pectorals
  • Ball and socket head, lower neck, and waist
  • Double hinged knees and elbows
  • Bicep, boot, and thigh swivels

The paint is mostly solid, but there is a little bit of slop around the helmet and pack detail separations that mostly stand out magnified in photos, but are less visible in-hand.

Overall, I’d say this figure is clever re-use to effectively make the version 1 Eel in Classified form. He has a very classic feel that I appreciate and the only thing I’d change would be a different tank pack with the more sci-fi feel of the original figure. Additionally, it is a bummer to see a classic army builder figure like this as a store exclusive. I was able to secure the amount I wanted, and I hope they make enough so everybody can get them.

20 thoughts on “Hasbro: G.I. Joe Classified Cobra Eels

  1. One thing to remember, spearguns are held under water and are one-handed weapons. You might carry one with two hands out of the water but they aren’t designed to be fired or used that way.

  2. why do you take offense/respond to complaint remarks that clearly aren’t aimed at you?

    preorder windows longer than an hour are good for fans of the toys, why play devil’s advocate?

  3. Guess I made the mistake of ordering only one not multiples! God knows when I’ll get it as it’s been pushed to some unknown date but whatever. Glad some have mentioned Pigglytoyville. I don’t go off on army builders although I do know a very big butthole of one that army builds by the brigade or division, literally hundred of them. A few extra isn’t going to kill the supply but the likes of the aforementioned Pigglytoyville really chaps my ass. I was trying to order the the new Mcfarlane Batman movie set and apparently it was at the same time their bots were doing their thing along with everyone else trying to get it and I kept getting errors, thrown to an empty cart page, all the standard BS that surrounds these type of in-demand items. After the dust had settled there was the only listing on Amazon, Pigglytoyville charging $260.

  4. In regards to Pigglytoyville before snarky posts are left, I did a little digging and found they are publicly part of Macro Toys LLC. Basically a shell company started by a woman working out of her home. She has many LLC fillings like this actually and is doing the same thing under multiple online business identities. They’re allegedly interest faming scammers. You order from them, they promise the items months after release but you pay up front. If you read the reviews and comments usually the orders are cancelled after a lot more subsequent delays and the initial purchase cost is refunded.

    Very rarely is a product ever delivered. They probably cancel or return items to Amazon once listings are able to be created. They of course keep the interest earned on any deposits. I’m not sure the legalities of this little move but there are a ton of other sellers on Amazon alone apparently using the same strategy. Triplestarsystem, Juanmoretime, etc. I imagine they deliver occasionally for good word of mouth or have people they know leave good reviews but ultimately the aggregate reviews are not good.

    I don’t mind a collector getting their 10 before my 1 if I know it’s their hobby. What the likes of Pigglytoyville do is predatory and just plain dirty pool IMO. Seems like a costly investment for little return but I imagine economies of scale make it pretty profitable, especially considering Pigglytoyville is just one of their public faces.

  5. One suspects that most people see the difference as “fellow collectors enjoying the hobby” which is good vs. “opportunists buying up product for the sole purpose of marking it up and flipping it as soon as they get it,” which is… less good.

    Personally, I’m happy for collectors who get cool figures, even if they sell out before I get one. I’m not happy for scalpers who buy up limited stock to mark it up.

  6. Idiotic that any troop builder is a store exclusive. I missed out on the preorder for these so unless they do another production run I guess I’m screwed.

  7. No, they didn’t make enough. The Eel is an extremely classic, army building, high demand figure. There are some collectors who would want a dozen of them. An item that sells out that quickly is underproduced, regardless of how many are bought by resellers.

  8. Yeah I couldn’t remember if it was Piggytoyville or Pigglytoyville. I don’t give that company any money and never bought anything from them and never will. I buy from BBTS, EE, Hasbro Pulse and directly from Amazon the majority of the time. I have grabbed some good deals from third party sellers on Amazon before. Walmart and Target mostly just limit buying for their exclusives mostly. I see your point but it’s an army builder so if Hasbro’s GI Joe team don’t anticipate and make enough it’s their fault. I usually buy 6-8 of GI Joe’s army builders but just decided on just four Eels being a scuba diver.

  9. I don’t think he means us who army build but the serial scalpers from Amazon like Piggytoyville.
    I know I have four preordered and I had to approve a delay and I preordered as soon as I was alerted from TNI.

  10. Actually some of us do have jobs where our bosses don’t really care if we take five minutes out of our lives to preorder an action figure. Oh wait, I “gobbled up” five with no intention of reselling them anytime soon. Not sure what the difference is-me hoarding troop building them doesn’t do you any favors-but whatever.

    By the way, there’s very few Eel listings on eBay right now and the even fewer of them marked up 300 percent won’t be selling for that price (unless someone not too bright comes along). Assuming you bought it for retail you’d have to sell it for a minimum of $36-$40 to break even so this isn’t really the giant retirement fund you think it is. I feel weird telling you all this, a man of your intelligence was probably already aware of these things.

  11. I was in a meeting and easily would have bought two or more. Prices have predictably cooled on ebay now that they are actually shipping.

    You’re an ass, by the way.

  12. They did make enough, it’s just that they dropped randomly in the middle of the week and some jobless resellers gobbled up a ton of them to resell at 300% markup. I hope they get a surprise enema from the IRS.

  13. What’s the difference? I was in the Hiss Tank forum the other day and a guy showed off nine Cobra Eels. A little excessive don’t you think? How are scalpers a hindrance to the hobby but troop builders aren’t?

    I looked up Piggytoyville and came back with Pigglytoyville. He has the new Ben Reilly Spidey going for $50. You can buy this on Amazon, Hasbro Pulse, or at my local Target for retail. That’s just one example. You can cry about this guy being a scalper all you want but if you choose to give him money without doing your research then I have nothing polite to say to you.

  14. Amazon sent me a ship notification…then a notification that it hasn’t shipped and do I accept the delay. Hopefully this does not spell doom as the Eel was one of my most-used and favorite ARAH Cobras. I am disappointed that the back pack did not retain the look of the original. Of course, I am so fond of the original because it was the only viable option of a jet pack that I had at the time. Now that I have more options for one, I’m not AS broken up about it, but it still would have been nice.

  15. So, what store is this exclusive to? — Please don’t tell me Target. No targets outside the US of A and all the Cobra Island stuff has been a real expensive pain to get a hold of.

    Totally agree about the idiocy of making army-builders store exclusives.

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