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SDCC 2023: Super 7 Preview Night

Super 7 threw the gauntlet down with their main display this year at SDCC. As cool as the Cat’s Lair was, there was so much other goodness and crowds that I didn’t get to photograph it all. Check out some of the highlights!

They had the Snarf wave on hand from ThunderCats and I was especially impressed with how the articulation was working on Snarf (snarf snarf) and the prototype of Hachi Man was so sharp.

One of the bigger surprises for me was the toy colors SilverHawks. I was told that the vac metal will allow for full movement which was really surprising to hear. I had skipped these figures before, but I think I might need these shiny beauties.

The Cat’s Lair is justifiably the big headline from SDCC so far and this is truly an instance where the photos just don’t convey the impressive size. It was pretty mind-blowing to see and it’s just one of the ballsiest moves I’ve seen from a toy company in recent years. It’s definitely not for everyone, but will make a stunning centerpiece for some ThunderCat collections. I especially like the way the side cliffs look with the rocky texture highlighted by a wash. I also just love the computer consoles in the command center with their perfect ’80s computer detail and readouts.

3 thoughts on “SDCC 2023: Super 7 Preview Night

  1. Cat’s Lair, wow! 3 feet tall…it’s huge! Love it. The sword chamber! The council chamber! And it has seats for every Thundercat. 7 for all of the original Thundercats and Snarf at the council table, or all of the adults including Bengali, Lynx-O and Pumyra. With seating for the remaining three in the computer chamber. Perfect.

    I’m anxious to see them all sitting around the table. And curious to see the clearance for a standing figure on the middle level with the doors.

    How can I pay for it and where do I put it? *Sigh*

    Please make Wizz-Ra!

  2. Surprised to see vac-metal/chrome. I would have preferred and was expecting shiny metallic paint like Marvel Legends Silver Surfer, or like the gold on their TMNT Ultimates Metalhead. Vac-metal looks good but concerns me. I hope it has improved since the 80s & 90s. I have memories of my Robocop Robo-cycle and Beast Wars Transmetal Rattrap flaking terribly as soon as I got them as a kid. And it’s near impossible to find vintage Silverhawks in good condition.

    And you can see fingerprints on the Silverhawks in these SDCC photos.

    Steelheart should be more gunmetal blue or purplish blue rather than this pinkish shade. And her wings are supposed to be silver. I’m glad they kept the alternate masked heads for these.

    I wish they would do exact reissues of the vintage Kenner figures. I would buy them all.

  3. I don’t have any attachment to Thundercats, but that Cat Lair is super impressive.

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