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SDCC 2023: Jada Toys

We’re back at SDCC! One of my first stops was Jada toys so I could check out the new Street Fighter figures and try to snag an exclusive Evil Ryu, but I was surprised by a couple of other cool things in the figure realm. Let’s take a look!

They had a new wave of Mega Man figures up in addition to carded wave one figures and the wave two figures they revealed at LA comic-con. I’m not really a Mega Man guy, but the figures look super impressive in a group with the bright colors and straightforward designs. The three figure waves are building a world of Mega Man figures nicely.

The Cyberpunk figures were a new thing for me. I’m not familiar with the license, but the soft goods on these were pretty impressive. I don’t think I’ve seen clothing folds look so natural on this scale of figure before. I’m going to have to grab these when they drop.

Street Fighter was my main attraction to this booth and they did not disappoint. I kind of went into SDCC wanting to see Blanka and Vega as the new figures, but wave three was so impressive that I didn’t care that my faves weren’t coming sooner rather than later. But first it was really cool to see wave one and two together in person. They are looking pretty damn perfect, especially Ken’s winning grin.

Wave three is Guile, Cammy, and Dee Jay and they all look great, but I’m especially excited for Dee Jay. He was the one Super Street Fighter II character we didn’t get from SOTA back in the day, so I’m glad to see him hit early.

It was also great to see these cereal guys all together. I don’t know what I was thinking skipping them and I need to rectify that oversight immediately. Chester Cheetah was there too and I wish I grabbed a pic with him too because he scales really well with the cereal mascots.

10 thoughts on “SDCC 2023: Jada Toys

  1. Nothing. I think that’s it for that line. At least for now. Jun said main emphasis is on SF, then Megaman and the rest.

  2. She’ll have a shouting face. The duck face is for the fighter select portrait, but yeah I agree a neutral head would’ve been nice too.

  3. I don’t love the lack of butterfly joints on the Jada SF2 female figures. Still all-in on the line though. Edgerunners figures are a fantastic surprise, hope they sell well enough to justify the full team but at the very least Rebecca and Kiwi

  4. Since when does Guile have a fucking moustache?? Honestly I wanted to love these SF2 figures, but I saw wave 1 on the shelf here in SG and they are absolute garbage. RIP the Sota toys line, please come back, all is forgiven.

  5. Cammy! Yay! Not fond of the duck face, hope she has an alternate head, but…Cammy! They are really hitting it out of the park with Street Fighter! So glad they are classic designs and at affordable prices. Can’t wait to see Blanka and Vega. Hope they do classic Mortal Kombat. SF vs MK would look incredibly cool.

  6. Cammy AND Deejay? Guess I’m all-in on Jada afterall.

    And here I thought I’d be saving tons of money from cutting back on ML.

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