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Mattel: Masters of the Universe: Revolution Masterverse Motherboard First Look

The Mattel Creations 12 Days of Fandom is back for 2023, and we a thrilled to help kick it off with a brand new Masters of the Universe: Revolution Masterverse Motherboard first look!

There is a new power in Eternia, and Motherboard is coming to Mattel Creations. This all-new Motherboard figure will debut at SDCC 2023, and will then be available via Mattel Creations. Check out the details:

Motherboard joins the fray as a formidable force against the Masters, focused on plunging Eternia into imminent darkness. Acting as Hordak’s liaison on Eternia, Motherboard is a powerful sentient artificial intelligence that uses her nano virus powers to manipulate Skeletor and people of Eternia as she aims to ensnare the planet, and Grayskull, as a prize for Hordak.

This Masters of the UniverseTM MasterverseTM MotherboardTM action figure brings the mechanical winged woman bearing the sigil of The Evil Horde to life at more than 12 inches tall. Motherboard in her “true form” makes a remarkable statement with multi-feathered wings that expand to 24 inches wide. The caped cult leader is designed with 30 points of articulation and authentic details from content. A display stand is included to showcase this figure.

Availability: Mattel San Diego Comic Con Retail Booth, Mattel Creations SDCC Go Live Date: 7/19/23 at booth open
Price: $65.00 (plus shipping at Mattel Creations)
Mattel Creations Go Live Date: 7/21/23 at 9am PST

Notes from the Mattel Team:

The team is proud to present our first 12” scale Masterverse figure. Although Motherboard had a cameo appearance in Revelation, you can look forward to seeing this character, voiced by Meg Foster, play a major role in the Revolution series next year.

For those folks who are attending San Diego Comic Con this year:

  • We’ve secretly hidden 200 posters signed by Revolution showrunner Kevin Smith in a random selection of Motherboards available for purchase at the con. Happy Hunting!

This figure is instantly the centerpiece of your MOTU Masterverse display. So, stay tuned to Mattel Creations for further information. You will not want to miss out on this figure!

*Thanks to Mattel for sending this Motherboard figure to us for a First Look

4 thoughts on “Mattel: Masters of the Universe: Revolution Masterverse Motherboard First Look

  1. Doesn’t have a MOTU vibe at all. Looks more like a Fortnite character. But okay.

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