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Top Ten: Most Wanted G.I. Joe Classified Figures

G.I. Joe Classified Collectors have had a pretty full couple of months of reveals and releases between Yo Joe June, the Dragonfly Haslab, and some collector con reveals, but it’s not over yet. We’re due for a Joe Panel at this year’s SDCC which always puts me in the mood for wishlisting, so today we’re talking top ten most wanted G.I. Joe Classified figures!

The Classified line has exploded so much that it’s getting a little tough for me to keep straight what all has been revealed in name only, what’s a pre-order, and what’s shipping soon. I had to make a little notes app list on my phone to keep it all straight. One of my top ten figures, Doc was recently name dropped by Emily from Hasbro as on the slate, so I decided to go over what’s been revealed in name only before starting this:

  • Dreadnok Ripper
  • General Hawk
  • Tripwire
  • Dreadnok Buzzer
  • Agent Helix
  • Mutt and Junkyard
  • Quick Kick
  • Big Boa
  • Airborne
  • Doc

Looking at that list, it immediately brings to mind a character that will be my number ten most wanted, finishing off the main Dreadnok team with Torch!

10. Torch

Ripper and Buzzer have been announced as name only reveals for a while, so I’m hoping we will see them in render form at SDCC. It would be great if Torch was announced soon so I can get that whole sub-team in quick order and recreate that classic Byrne cover with some Punisher bikes.

9. Jinx

Ninjas are cool and female ninjas are even cooler. They put out a pretty snazzy Blue Ninja based on the Akiko figure from the Snake Eyes movie already, so I’d like to see a more classically skewed design for Jinx. Like straight out of the movie with an alternate unmasked head with spikey hair.

8. Nemesis Enforcer

While I’m thinking about the movie, give me this crazy-fantastical bruiser with his massive build and bat wings. I’d love to see this guy rendered in glorious high definition so he can give Sgt. Slaughter a real challenge! Hopefully they can design the wings to hinge outward so I can have him in flight poses or standing on the shelf without taking up the whole dang thing.

7. Alpine

The cartoon created a few iconic friendships and team-ups and I think one my favorites is the loquacious Alpine matched with laconic Bazooka. We’ve got Bazook, so we need his buddy Alpine. I think the Classified team could really go to town designing his climbing equipment.

6. Airtight

The recent reveal of the Cobra Mole Rat troops in their protective jumpsuits made me want Airtight to show up in the Classified line more than ever. He would fit perfectly into this Dark Energon theme with his hazardous materials disposal skills. I was always attracted to his bright yellow and green color scheme as a kid and I think a Classified version could rock a removeable helmet. He’s got one of the coolest Joe helmets this side of Barbecue.

5. Zandar

The other Zartan sibling does seem to get short shrift compared to his flashier sister Zarana, but I always liked his glam rock style. I need him to complete that group too!

4. Flash

I started playing with green army men, so I don’t really relate the criticism that the original 13 are somehow boring because they wear a lot of green, but Flash is probably the (ahem) flashiest of the bunch. I’ve always loved that red checked padding on his uniform and could definitely take a silver repaint for the jump jet version of Grand Slam. I would like to get the straight up old school helmet with huge visor for at least this one character. I understand why they’ve eschewed that look thus far, but I’d like to see it once. We’ve already seen his weapon with Glenda, so hopefully that means he’ll come sooner rather than later.

3. Pythona

Pythona was featured so heavily in the movie and she is such a striking design, I’d love to see her done in Classified. She uses so many weird bio-weapons in that opening that could make for fun accessories or they could go to town and make up a bunch of weird stuff.

2. Clutch and VAMP

Yeah, I’m cheating a bit here, but I don’t care it’s my list. Make your own list on your website if you don’t like it. Clutch is one of my favorite characters from the Hama comics, so I desperately want a figure to team up with his buddy from those comics, Rock ‘n Roll. I also love the VAMP. I coveted that toy so badly when I was a kid and never got one. I firmly believe the VAMP can and should be a retail release and they have been hinting about more vehicles, so I’m hoping they can make this happen for a not too painful price. I’d like the green version to start, but wouldn’t be opposed to the V2 and a Tan Clutch. Might go well with the desert Snake Eyes they recently announced.

1. Thrasher and the Thunder Machine

My number one, most wanted figure that I’m not super confident I will get is Thrasher and the Thunder Machine. It’s not huge, so I think it’s doable outside of a Haslab, but it’s also not as reusable as the VAMP, so I think it’s less likely. I just love the darn thing so much with it’s Mad Max aesthetic and twin gattling guns and it’s one of the few Joe toys I had as a kid so the nostalgia is super strong on this one. Plus, it will be a great display piece for a the Dreadnok team they are slowly building.

I feel like it showing up in the Transformer crossover line gives me hope that Hasbro sees the vehicle as more iconic than I thought they did. Thrasher kinda got snubbed on the crossover vehicle, but since we already have Zartan and Zaranna in Classified, I’m hoping they don’t do him dirty here. He’s got one of my favorite Dreadnok costumes with the combination of spikes and football pads with punk clothes. It’s very Road Warrior and Road Warriors.

That’s my list for now. I fully expect a couple to be checked off later this week. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments or on our forums!