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Playmates Toys: TMNT Mutant Mayhem PizzaFire Van, Battle Cycle, and Ninja Kick Cycle First Look

Did you get in all the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem action figure goods this past weekend? It feels like excitement for the movie and the toys is really growing, so let’s take a look at some of the new items currently hitting retailers.

Last week we had a peek at some of the new figures, but this time, it is all about the rides. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE getting new TMNT figures, especially since I like what they are doing with the movie aesthetic. However, when there is a tentpole event like this, getting new vehicles and play sets is the real highlight for me. I don’t get a chance to collect a lot of them, but when there are cool new pieces that can be added to build out a collection, I am usually all-in.

Fortunately, Playmates is not being shy when it comes to new vehicle (and play set!) offerings, and right out of the gate, there are a few that range from full on battle wagon, to individual cycles. I love the new and unique feel of all of these pieces, but also appreciate the winks and nods given to past vehicles going all the way back to the vintage TMNT line. It seems like the movie in general is doing a lot of this, so when you can balance the history with the fresh takes, that is usually a recipe for success.

The first few offerings include the PizzaFire Van, Battle Cycle, and Ninja Kick Cycle. If you are a longtime TMNT fan, you will recognize a lot from these right away, but all of them still offering a modern take on the classic cues. The Turtles NEED a van, so that is certainly here and obvious to the Party Wagon, but the cycles also bite on the fun of adventures past as well.


So, if you have watched the trailers or have seen any of the PR pieces, you know the Turtles have an all-new “Turtle Van” in the form of the PizzaFire. I am sure you can easily see the callouts to the Party Wagon, but this beast also brings in the best quality of the Pizza Thrower and combines this new ride into a van that can shoot pizzas. JUST LIKE YOU REMEMBER! But actually better! Disguised a pizza deliver wagon, when you push down on the big roof slice, the door swings open and pizza thrower is ready for action.

The batter-operated shooter comes with eight pizzas that can be fired via side button, so be sure to have your mutant villains ready to be taken out. The back door also opens and there are foot stands and grip bars to have figures hold on to the back. Even with the pizza shooter inside, there is still room for riders, and the front of the van also opens for easy access to the driver and front passenger. Some assembly and decal application is required (just like you remember!), but once it is ready to roll, this is a REALLY fun vehicle. Just remember: DONNIE DRIVES THE VAN!


Okay, the Van might be the most impressive of the three we are featuring here, but I think I might actually like the Battle Cycle the best. I have always been a sucker for the smaller, one to two passenger vehicles, and this one works great for 2023, all while still giving me the best feels for the vintage Turtle Cycle.

This is (obviously) a moped this time around, and I love the classic look and feel for those little motor bikes. I had one when I was in college and I loved, so it is fun seeing the Turtles get one here. The big call back is the trashcan side car, and this time it can be in the passenger side position, or in the back, so I really like that as a new feature. There are spots to store the include sais, as well as arming the sidecar wheel with the nunchucks. A helmeted version of Raph is exclusive to the set, and I kinda love that they put him on the moped, rather than the motor cycle.


Speaking of, the third vehicle is the Ninja Kick Cycle. In form, this one feels more the Turtle Cycle, but gone is the side car, and added is a spinning handle bar action feature, and disk launching weapon. The latter works great and it’s a fun addition. The kick cycle feature is okay, but not quite as fun. I do appreciate that there is a spot to make one of the included Leo in helmet katana blades a part of the cycle weaponry, though.

The bummer is that it doesn’t really balance all that great on its own, so when you get it in to position, it is probably just a matter of time before it tips over. Now, I get it, since this is primarily used for the action feature and pushing it around, it doesn’t really impact the play, but if you are planning on displaying this, you might want to find a way to rig it to stand up without having to balance it on its own.

*Thanks to Playmates for sending these samples along for an early look