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NECA: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bugman and Electrozapper

My favorite kind of two-pack is when you get a hero and a villain to face-off against each other. We saw Bugman back at SDCC last year, but I don’t recall seeing Electrozapper at the time, so I was glad to see that they chose him to fight since he was the main antagonist of that first episode. Let’s take a look at Bugman and Electrozapper!

The now classic box style features some lovely artwork that looks straight out of the cartoon, nice figure shots and a big clear window. I especially like how Electrozapper is captured mid-rant in the art.

You get a good amount of stuff with the figures, including three sets of hands for Bugman (fist, grip, and pistol grip) four sets of hands for Electrozapper (fist, point, open and grip) a chain, a hunk of Leestanite, an alternate head for Electrozapper, and five different Electrozapper blast effects. All the hand options for Electrozapper are perfect for super-villainous posing. ‘Zapper’s cape is soft goods and can be removed easily if you want just by popping the head.

The chain is cast in a clear neon green plastic so it looks like it’s glowing. It definitely feels straight out of a comic book and can be wrapped around Bugman. It would work great with a Superman figure too as Kryptonite chains.

In the Bugman story, Leestanite is his version of Kryptonite, so it feels very appropriate to come with the set. The Leestanite is a chunk of blue plastic with an uneven rocky shape and texture.

The blast effects are a highlight for me because Electrozapper does spend most of the episode zapping people, but also these are very creatively done. The biggest one attaches to his fist and is cast in a translucent red plastic. The character wears knuckle-dusters that have holes in the design and NECA made the plug one of the holes in the right fist.

The next biggest blast effect attaches securely to the pointed finger, though you could add it to the open hands as well.

There’s a smaller effect that attaches to the hole in the knuckle-dusters on ‘Zapper’s left open hand.

There are also two orbs that have holes for the fingers and looks like he’s getting his blasts charged up before firing. The main portrait has a villainous grin and the alternate head has an angry growl that shows off his sharp little teeth. The sculpting on these guys is a fantastic translation of the 2D art, and the alternate Electrozapper portrait especially feels like he jumped out of the screen.

The articulation is standard for the line with:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, wings and scorpion tail (Bugman only) and ankles
  • Ball and socket head, lower neck, and mid-torso
  • Double-hinged knees and elbows
  • Swivel Bicep, waist, boot (Bugman only), pinschers, and scorpion tail

Bugman is a little back heavy with all his extra buggy parts and his shoulders only hinge up a little due to the bug pinschers on there.

The paint is very clean with solid separation of colors and good coverage. That can be tricky sometimes with yellow. The figures are human characters so they are a bit taller than the Turtles.

Overall these are a fun couple of figures of fairly obscure TMNT characters from a later episode in the run. Bugman does show up again, but it’s a limited appearance. Electrozapper particularly has a lot of fun posing options. The episode itself is an amusing parody of superhero comics in general that I have a soft spot for, and they will work well with the other super-hero themed figures in the line.