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Jada Toys: General Mills Cereal Monsters Boo Berry First Look

The 2023 San Diego Comic Con is upon us, and that means it’s exclusive season. We have a fun opportunity to bring you a first look at the highly-anticipated General Mills Cereal Monsters Boo Berry for Jada Toys!

To say I have been looking forward to this release is quite the understatement, and to finally have the core group of the Cereal Monsters in action figure for is something I (and a lot of other people) have been waiting on for a very long time. I am such a fan of cool ad icons, and I consider the Cereal Monsters to be the pinnacle those designs, so even if the cereal isn’t for you, there is no denying these enduring coolness of these characters.

Boo Berry will join the previously-released Frankenberry and Count Chocula via a shared San Diego Comic release. If you are going to the show, you can stop by Jada’s booth, or you can order right now from Entertainment Earth to be shipped after the show. I really appreciate when exclusives of this fashion are made available outside of specific shows. Anyone who wants one of these should have a chance to get him, so this works out well.

Boo shares a lot of commonality with the two previous figures, just like he should. The figure is based on the iconic and classic design, and he comes packed in a window box that resembles the instantly-recognizable cereal box. As Boo is smaller than Frank and the Count, so is his box, and it riffs on the smaller “variety pack” cereal box compared to the full-size versions. Like before, the box design is clean, features details about the figure in the “nutritional information” style, and has a magnet to keep the window flap closed. Like the glow-in-the-dark effect of the figure, the box also features these notes, so even if you are an opener like me, this is some packaging worth holding onto.

The figure itself scales just right with Frankenberry and Count Chocula, so naturally, Boo Berry is smaller. The sculpt is dead-on in terms of resembling the 2-D form, and honestly, this might be the most successful translation of art to plastic out of all of them. That is not me saying the other two aren’t pretty perfect, because they are, but Boo is just 100% on point. I love his expression and iconic hat and bow tie. Boo Berry is probably my favorite of all the Cereal Monsters, and I very happy with how he was translated into an action figure.

The paint work is great, and that goes beyond the glow-in-the-dark effect, which is a lot fun. It is not the brightest glow in the world, but it is effective, and the paint used adds a bit of texturing to the figure that is neat. I love the airbrushing of the darker blue on top of the pale blue plastic – it really adds to his ghostly persona. Because he is an apparition, his shape doesn’t lend itself to much articulation, but what he does have is GREAT and is very functional. He has ball-jointed head, partial ball shoulders, and twist + hinge wrists. You can get a surprising amount of expensive poses from these, so again, point for making the most of the form and function.

His spectral form makes it so he floats and flies around, so the figure does not stand up on its own. There is an included stand that features a ball and socket interface, so you are able to do some pretty nice poses with him. The base of the stand is solid and large enough to provide great stability, but the function also has form as it resembles a cast shadow. Cheers to Jada for taking care of small but appreciated details like that. On the topic of accessories, Boo gets his own box of Boo Berry Cereal that matches the past two, even complete with the Monster Mask on the back.

I am so happy to have Boo Berry, and if you are a fan of the Cereal Monsters and/or the Count and Frankenberry figures, this is a MUST have. Jada is absolutely killing it with their action figures right now, and I cannot wait to see more and more ad icons. I get that we iconic trio, and I am grateful, but maaaaaaaaaaan – I GOTTA have Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute now, and even a Carmella Creeper. I know they weren’t in the plans the last time we spoke to Jun, but hopefully we can move the needle. Do NOT miss out on Boo Berry, he is a blast, and for $19.99 in today’s action figure climate, the price is definitely right.

*Thanks to Jada for providing this early sample for a First Look

3 thoughts on “Jada Toys: General Mills Cereal Monsters Boo Berry First Look

  1. Finally, a Boo Berry action figure! I’ve got mine pre-ordered to go with my Count and Frank figures. Now, I NEED a Fruit Brute figure, and I wouldn’t say “no” to Yummy Mummy, either.

    On a side note, what exactly is that large Boo Berry figural piece that’s displayed above in that one comparison photo? I’ve never seen it before and now need to find one for MY shelf.

  2. That is a vinyl figure, I had a whole set given to me by my aunt who worked for GM in the 70’s. Funko has a remake for about $40 on ebay, the originals go for over $100.

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