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Jada Toys: Ultra Street Fighter 2 The Final Challengers Fei Long Action Figure Review

As Street Fighter’s Bruce Lee homage, I was already going to be predisposed to liking Fei Long, but boy oh boy, do I like Fei Long. Which is not shocking, because I’m already on record as gushing over these figures.

Like I said in my Ryu review, Jada Toys is making toys that play funly. Ok, I didn’t say funly in my Ryu review, but I’m saying it now, and I’m declaring it a word. Fei Long plays funly. If toys had reviews on their packaging in the way that movies have reviews on the blu-ray cases, then that could be the one that goes on the box. “This toy plays funly” said an illiterate idiot.

The articulation scheme for Fei Long is the same as Ryu, without the impediment of a shirt. Obviously, you could just take Ryu’s shirt off for increased articulation, but then the package isn’t complete. You don’t have to worry about that here. Fei Long is mobile. Fei Long kicks your butt in style.

Like with Ryu, I had to heat up the two torso balls to free up those particular points of articulation, but once that was done, he moved excellently. I’ve read that some people are oiling up the joints or sanding away some of the excess on the ball, but I didn’t have to do any of that once the joints were heated and freed. He moves like butter. Sexy butter.

Fei Long gets deep crunches, excellent backward bend, and then all the requisite excellence from his butterfly shoulders, double-jointed knees and elbows, and great hips. Once again, the double-jointed neck allows him to get a very wide range of motion.

All these double wobble joints are spoiling me for almost every other toy line.

He comes with two sets of hands: fists and expressive hands. The expressive hand works very well for Bruce Lee’s signature come and get it gesture.

He comes with two heads: stoic and angry, with gritted teeth. As someone who usually likes to keep the neutral head on his figures, I am apparently keeping the angry heads on as my default heads, just because the toys themselves have so much attitude they seem to demand gritted teeth and determination. Either that or I’m losing it.

His only accessory is his flame kick effect, which slides easily over either leg. Like I said in my previous review, I’ve only played Street Fighter a handful of times, so I wasn’t sure what the flame was for at first. I wasn’t near a computer to do research, so I took an uneducated guess and slipped it onto his leg. “That looks like it works” I says to myself. And so it does.

In conclusion, it’s a pretty great toy, and I’m looking forward to what Jada Has in store, both in this line and any other line they’ve got coming up.

1 thought on “Jada Toys: Ultra Street Fighter 2 The Final Challengers Fei Long Action Figure Review

  1. I think “funly” is an excellent way to describe it.

    Especially in the context of the many toys that are excellent for a variety of reasons, but definitely not “fun” to try and pose.

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