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NECA: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Napoleon Bonafrog Colossus of the Swamps

A new wave of NECA Ninja Turtle goodness is hitting Targets right now and today we’re going to take a look at the massive deluxe muta-shooter enhanced version of Punk Frog Napoleon Bonafrog!

The box features some excellent illustrations and photography on the front and back of the box in the VHS compilation style. I especially like the use of tourist Bebop and Rocksteady and it’s making me want figures of those.

Napoleon comes with the muta-shooter weapon that Shredder uses on him in the episode, a couple of alternate heads for the regular sized punk frogs (Napoleon and Genghis), three sets of hands (fists, open, and grip) and two heads (angry and smiling).

The open hands work well for relaxed or reaching out and the grip hands are perfect for grabbing and holding other characters by their limbs.

The alternate heads for regular sized Napoleon and Genghis match the wonderfully exaggerated expressions of worry you often see the Punk Frogs sport in the cartoon. They also add a nice variety to the two expressions we already had for the quartet.

The smiling head is straight out of the episode and works for when the muta-shooter ray is wearing off.

The angry head has two rows of lovely piano-key teeth, a pink tongue, and a hinged jaw that allows for full on yell and teeth grinding expressions. I’m always impressed at the way this line translates exaggerated cartoon 2D drawings to 3D objects and these heads are no exception to that.

The Muta-Shooter device is painted in light grey with black-lined sculpted detail and a clear mutagen container. Shredder doesn’t have trigger hands, but his grip hands hold the front stock well and the open hands can fit around the trigger.

Napoleon is a massive chunk of heavy plastic and the sculpting captures his hulkish proportions well. The articulation is standard for the line with:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Swivel waist and biceps
  • Double hinged elbows and knees
  • Ball and socket head and mid-torso

The paint on Napoleon is solid with clean lines, nice black detail paint, and a matte finish.

This is another great deep cut character from the show, though I’m tempted to use him in my Punk Frog display from now on. Donatello eventually fixes Napoleon, but he does start hulking out at the end of the episode, so I imagine that he retains the extra strength and transformation powers.