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Four Horsemen Studios: New All Stars 6 Wave – Skeletons, Knights, Dwarves and More Revealed!

The Four Horsemen currently have a new Mythic Legions pre-order up, and Fwoosh Friend Hedgehog Action (on Twitter: @jfd6812) has provided us a write-up with some details on on the launch. Check out the information below, as well as some pictures, and hop to the link to see all the additional details!

Four Horsemen Studios recently announced their latest wave of Mythic Legions action figures in the form of their “All Stars 6” offering.  AS6, as it is called, is essentially a two (2) part wave, comprised of a seven (7) figure continuation of their “Necronominus” wave of figures, in addition to a four (4) figure group of All Star reissues voted on by the fans.  This wild eleven (11) figure wave is up for a direct open preorder at from now through July 9, 2023, at 11:00pm EST.  The direct preorder has the best prices you will find for these figures, so you would be well served to lock yours in before July 9th if you are interested!

Mini-Necronominus Wave

Let’s start with the continuation of the Necronominus wave (check out for more of the lore behind these characters).  In November 2022, the Four Horsemen announced their “Necronominus” wave – an epic eleven (11) figure assortment including a grim reaper, an ogre knight, skeletons galore, and even a skeleton bone horse (while the initial direct preorder for the initial Necronominus figures closed in January, you can still preorder these figures from online retailers like Big Bad Toy Store, Nerdzoic and others).  However, at the close of the reveal in November, the Four Horsemen left fans with a tease.  They indicated that 2023 would be “the Year of Necronominus”  and that the Necronominus wave of figures would continue with new reveals as part of their 2023 All Star wave.  That has now happened and….man.  The new reveals are something else! 

First up is the Mythic Legions “Skeleton Raider,”  a figure that looks like he jumped off the screen of a Ray Harryhausen film, picked up some accoutrements from his local Frank Frazetta  weapons depot, and is ready to go to war.  The Skeleton Raider is a skeleton warrior with a horned helmet and comes loaded with a bunch of accessories – which will be a theme for this part of the wave. The Raider comes with two (2) heads, a shield, a spear, a club, a sickle, four (4) sets of hands, a belt, as well as removable shoulder pauldrons, bracelets, loin cloths and shin guards (for all of your customizing needs).  The Raider is priced at $37.00 for the preorder as are most of these figures. 

Next is Skalli Bonesplitter, who is, quite literally, a skeleton dwarf (dwarf skeleton?).  Skalli’s bio characterizes him as a “callously ruthless” “undead dwarven fighter” and he sure looks the part.  Decked out in a Viking-style helmet, Skalli also comes with a shield, a second head, an axe, a hammer, a short sword, a belt, pauldrons and two (2) sets of hands.  Of note – apparently dwarves in the realm of Mythoss grow their beards directly out of their skulls, as this skeleton dwarf is sporting some well-styled braids which appear to have sprung right from his jawbone.  Gnarly. 

Third we have the big boy of the bunch, Berodach, who appears to be an evil, ogre sized dark knight who is giving serious Ser Gregor Kligane vibes.  Berodach is styled as the youngest of Necronominus’s children, but this guy looks MASSIVE.  Berodach comes outfitted with two (2) sets of swappable wrist gauntlets, as well as a super evil horned shield and a giant (equally evil-looking) sword.  Berodach is available for preorder now for $65.00. 

Last up for the skeleton figures is Thorasis the First Risen, a stunning skeleton figure, complete with an absolutely seamless use of mixed materials which is becoming a staple of newer Mythic Legions figures, as the creators from Four Horsemen really appear to be stretching their legs and showing off the level of figure they can offer. Thorasis comes with removable soft goods from the inimitable CJESIM team, as well as a faction banner, staff/spear, sword, shoulder pauldrons, belts, removable bracelet, two (2) sets of feet (armored and just boney feet) and four (4) more sets of hands. But perhaps the star of the show is Thorasis’s faction shield; a purple and gray masterpiece, emblazoned with a 3D version of the Necronominus faction symbol springing forth from the shield beneath. 

Of course, the Four Horsemen wouldn’t release these harbingers of evil without including some good guys to join the fight.  First man up on the side of the light is Sir Andrew, a magical pyromancer who we understand is the first figure designed by the Four Horsemen’s own Joe Vasapollo. Sir Andrew’s armor is a dark copper, which is juxtaposed against aquas and golden yellows and which result in an absolutely striking figure.  Again, the CJESIM soft goods are in effect, and perfectly compliment Sir Andrew’s plethora of accessories, including two (2) swords, a sword sheath, a knife, knife sheath, belt, two (2) heads, a shield, and two (2) blue translucent effects.  My favorite amongst these has to be the blue translucent flame effect, which fits over Sir Andrew’s sword and just looks…awesome. 

Sir Andrew is joined by Sir Enoch, the latest of the templar-styled knights offered up in the Mythic Legions line. Sir Enoch takes the Templar style to another level with a majestic soft goods cape, two (2) heads (helmeted and unhelmeted), removable accessories for the helmet, a staff, a sword, a short sword/knife, two (2) sheaths, two (2) belts, pauldrons, a shield and four (4) sets of shiny knight hands.  Honestly, the level of soft goods and accessories being included with these figures is rivaling Mezco levels at this point.  And – all of this at a price of only $37.00. 

Last of the group of fighters on the side of good is Deacon the Horse.  Not wanting to be left out of the soft-goods party, Deacon is absolutely regal in his own red and white cloth adornments, as well as two (2) saddles, armored helmet, a shield, swappable mane and a sword. The kicker is that underneath all of those incredible looking soft goods is none other than Balius the horse – the Four Horsemen’s now much sought-after first horse, who – styled as Deacon – will come with all of these extras for $65.00 –  a much lower price point than you can find the original Balius on the secondary market at this point.

Besides this wild array of brand-new figures, the Horsemen are also offering up some great non-figure items, including a pair of bone wings ($15.00), two (2) belt packs (one black, one brown, $12.00 each pack), and a full heads pack! The heads pack might be the low-key star of the extra offerings, with seven (7!?!) different heads, including a zombie head, a painted Hagnon head, and five (5) skull heads, including a vampire skull, an orc, a wolf, a lion and a gorilla skull.  You read that correctly – they included a GORILLA SKULL as part of the heads pack. The heads pack is available for $30.00 at this time, which would be a reasonable price for just one (1) third-party head.  $30.00 for seven (7) heads is an objectively fantastic deal.   

All Stars

The other portion of this wave includes this year’s All Star selections.  By way of background, All Stars are previously issued Mythic Legions figures, a selection of which the Four Horsemen put up for a fan vote every year.  The winners of the fan vote get re-released as part of the All Star wave.  All Stars are a great way for newer fans, completionists, near-completionists and other collectors to get their hands on some older figures that might otherwise be cost prohibitive.  This year’s selection is no different, with several original release Mythic Legions 1.0 figures which sell for multiple hundreds of dollars on the secondary market now being made available for $37.00 each. 

This year, there are four (4) All Stars available, with three of the figures having been selected from a field of twenty (20), and the fourth being chosen from a field of four (4) figures that previously had an All-Star release (the “Alumni” selection). 

Sir Ignatius won the All-Star Alumni vote and Mythic Legions fans are pretty pumped about it.  Sir Ignatius is about as old school as it gets, having been released as part of the original Mythic Legions 1.0 release and again as part of All Stars 1.0.  From a lore standpoint, Sir Ignatius is a member of the Order of Eathyron and the figure comes with a beautiful pearlescent white paint job with purple and gold accents. 

The top vote-getter of these year’s All Stars was Clavian, the red skeleton.  Clavian is another OG, originally released as part of Mythic Legions 1.0.  Clavian has never had an All-Star release until now. In addition to a sword, a short sword, pauldrons and a belt, Clavian also comes with the original Congregation of Necronominus faction shield, in red and black. 

Next up is Gorthokk, the Shadow Orc, originally released as part of the Covenant of Shadow wave in or about 2016.  Gorthokk’s deco has a dark, purple motif, giving him a very unique look amongst the selection of orcs in Mythic Legions.  In addition to several weapons and removable pauldrons, Gorthokk also comes with two (2) heads, adding to his customizing possibilities. 

Finally, Mythic Legions dwarf fans got something of an unexpected victory, as Bothar Shadowhorn grabbed a spot in this year’s All-Stars.  Bothar is a dwarf that saw his initial release as part of Mythic Legions 1.0 as well. The prevailing theory is that dwarves have generally not done well in the All-Star votes, so Bothar’s victory was a welcome surprise. Bothar comes equipped with a long axe, that can be configured to have two (2) axe blades, pauldrons, a sword and a short sword. 

All in all, this is a substantial wave with something for everybody. Whether you are looking to fill gaps in your Mythic Legions collection or are new to the line and are just interested in some cool skeleton figures, AS6 has something you will probably like. Again, ordering directly from the Four Horsemen during their open preorder period gives you the added benefit of pretty much the best pricing you will get for these figures. By way of example, most of the figures in this wave are priced at $37.00 each during the direct preorder period.  The same figures are likely to be priced at about $50.00 and up from online retailers later on, so the time to strike is now if you want the best pricing. The direct preorder is open now on through July 9, 2023, at 11pm EST.