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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Target Exclusive Space Knight Venom and Mania Pics and Info

There’s a new Target Marvel Legends two pack in town!

Well, next week. And for pre-order. So it’ll be in town later in the year. Or sooner. Who knows.


(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $55.99 / Available: Fall 2023)

To protect high school student Andi Benton, Flash Thompson accidentally bonds his symbiote to her, only learning later that the Venom symbiote had passed on his demonic Hell-Mark to her. Celebrate the Marvel universe with this Marvel Legends Series Venom Space Knight and Marvel’s Mania figure set. These quality 6-inch scale Venom Space Knight and Marvel’s Mania figures feature deco inspired by the characters’ appearances in Marvel’s Venom: Space Knight comics! Includes 2 figures and 3 comics-inspired accessories including an alternate head for the Venom figure.

9 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Target Exclusive Space Knight Venom and Mania Pics and Info

  1. Please god let this two pack not be the only way to get a Mania figure. C’mon solo release…

  2. I’ve been a fan of spider-man since the 90s so hearing the word “clone” still makes me go into a catatonic state.

  3. She’s basically Agent Venom’s sidekick. The person, Andi Benton, was a student at the school Flash Thomson was working at, who basically became his surrogate daughter after her actual dad was killed by “Jack O’Lantern.” The symbiote itself is (in short) a clone of the Venom symbiote from an older Venom run, that was reabsorbed by Venom, and resurfaced when Flash Thomson tried to protect Andi during the previously mentioned fight with “Jack O’Lantern.”

  4. So I thought it’d be fun to be the “well, actually” guy and explain it but I didn’t know who it was either. So I went to Wikipedia and I’m just going to say it’s a girl, but the backstory, like every symbiote backstory, is suuuuper convoluted. So I gave up after a couple paragraphs.

  5. Who or what is mania? The pictures are misleading, does it have breasts?

    I get it, symbiotes sell, but with all the Avengers 60th stuff coming out I can’t afford many impulse buys even if I had any interest in this set

  6. I love that they’re rereleasing BAFs. Some of these were impossible to build at the time and getting figures online was still difficult unless you just ordered whole cases. Space venom in particular hardly made it to shelves at the time.

  7. Nice, I sold that original BAF on ebay for almost 300 bucks back in the day. Not a bad figure, but I’d only get this for Mania.

  8. I have the original BAF, but like the new bits, so I’m in for this two-pack. Mania being thrown in is a bonus.

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