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Mattel: Masters of the Universe Origins Point Dread and Talon Fighter First Look

Look, I collect a lot of action figure lines, and if I am going to collect something, you better believe that I love it and the offerings bring me joy. So, I consider many of them to fun and enjoyable, and each for their own reasons. That said, I am in a spot right now where I find the MOTU Origins line is at the apex of the mountain when it comes to fun. Everything is clicking just right, and from figures, to vehicles, to play sets, every release continues to build a fun and satisfying line around one of the best mythos in all of toys.

2023 is already shaping up to be a big year for Origins – Mattel announced their Fall Product Catalog a while ago, and Snake Mountain is also on the docket for release late in the year. That might just be a table setting for the massive Mattel Creations Eternia play set coming in early 2024 – so rest assured that the future is looking really bright.

Even with Origins charging through the vintage line-up at a full tilt, there is still a LOT to do just for that corner alone. It has been made clear that just getting the figures is not the limit to all of this, and those aforementioned play sets and vehicles are an important part of the plan as well. Enter: Point Dread and the Talon Fighter. It is not often that you get BOTH a play set and a vehicle in one release, but this iconic combination is coming to the MOTUO line later this summer, and it brings all of the fun and all of the feels.

Admittedly, PD/TF was one of the sets that I did NOT have as a kid, but the flying vehicle was something that I always wanted, and the fact that the Point Dread portion can be put on the Castle Grayskull turret is something that still kind of blows my mind. That said, I have subsequently gotten a vintage set, as well as the massive Classics version, and I can assure you – this one carrier on the tradition well. In fact, thanks to the sensible adjustments to Point Dread, this might be the best one yet. I am all for celebrating and doing justice to vintage designs, either via nostalgia or simply timelessness, but I am also a fan using good judgement to build on the past. MOTUO has taken these steps many times thus far – some of have been favorable, and some not so much, but as I said, I think the updating provided here is really great.

The Talon Fighter itself is (for the most part) a modernization of the vintage version that holds (almost) completely true to the original. If you have the vintage, this will feel familiar, but like other Origins releases, you will find the durability and some other things fitting well to modern sensibilities. The cockpit fits two riders, and the hinged hatch has nice clear plastic for the windows. The stickers are carried over both inside and out, and the “handle” makes it easy to fly around. I like how the radar dish is removable and you can swap it with the newly-added silver laser rig. This is one of those nice new touches that helps make the Fighter, as well as Point Dread even better than before.

The Point Dread section got the biggest makeover here, and that is not to say that it has strayed from the original, because it is has not, but all of the updates make it so much better. It still holds it purpose as the landing spot for the Talon Fighter, and it can stand alone, or sit atop the Castle Grayskull turret. The computer inside is now fully sculpted, and both pieces can be fully functional all on their own now. The upper piece can sit on Grayskull, either to land the Fighter, or to have another defense spot with the laser piece. The lower piece can also use the gun piece to make it a small defense spot and not just be a base, so I REALLY like this change/update.

I adore that this line is getting so many great vehicles and play sets, and this is BOTH! The Talon Fighter and Point Dread is one of the most iconic pieces from Masters of the Universe, so it is great that it will be out soon, and that we have Grayskull to make it complete. Now, let’s see the Battle Ram and Attack Trak and Dragon Walker and all the rest. Man, Origins is such a fun line.

*Thanks to Mattel for sending this sample along for a preview