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Mattel: Masters of the Universe Masterverse Revelation Mer-Man Review

The best Masters of the Universe character (you heard me!) has gotten his second Masterverse figure, and once again it is based off of his appearance in Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Mer-Man, the Ocean Warlord is back, and for Masterverse, he is better than ever.

Mer-Man had a couple of different looks in the Revelation show. The previous Masterverse figure covered his “current” look with the battle scars and lack of armor, and this time the flashback version has come to life, and if it feels more familiar to you, it should. This look definitely recalls Mer-Man’s classic look more closely, and he still has both eyes in tact.

If you have the previous figure, much of this figure is built off of that base. That is certainly not inappropriate, and Mattel has done a nice job of making the braces and shin guards new for accuracy. I love the little points at the top of the shin guards especially as they harken back to the very early original vintage prototype of Mer-Man, so that is cool design matched by good execution here. I will say that the skin color on this one does not match the previous figure. That is a bummer as you won’t be able to swap parts if you want, and this time the green is more muted, so I don’t care for that as much.

As I mentioned, Mer-Man’s armor is back, and while it recalls some of those vintage feels, the size and shape are actually quite different here. It is larger for sure, and made up more of plates that look like shells than we have seen before, particularly on the back. The back and shoulder portions come up pretty high around the head, so I was worried it would limit the neck articulation, but I am happy to report that it doesn’t at all. The translucent blue jewel on the chest piece is a very nice highlight, and it is nice to finally get that piece executed the way it should.

Mer-Man doesn’t really come with many accessories, and most of those are swappable hands. He has grips, fists, and open hands, and the latter is another recall to the vintage stylings, this time the iconic card back art. Of course, he does get is legendary corn sword, or rather the bone and teeth sword that captures the classic feel while giving it some nice modern detailing.

Hey, it’s Masters of the Universe, and hey, it’s MER-MAN! That is a winning combo if there ever was one, so make sure you track this Masterverse figure down, especially if you skipped the first release. As mentioned, this one harkens to the classic design much more, so I think it will be a lot of people’s cup of tea. I am still interested in getting a New Eternia version of Mer-Man, so hopefully that will be the next one up for the line.