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Super7: Silverhawks Wave 1 Armored Mon*Star

Might. Muscle. Menace.

Just like Mumm-Ra before him, when Mon*Star started his very familiar chant, appealing a third party for increased power, you knew it was about to get nuts. Transforming from a mostly flesh and muscle creature to an armored juggernaut, Mon*Star was an impressive and insane looking hero-crushing dynamo.

…That usually ended up having his butt handed to him. But he’s the main villain in a cartoon, so what did you expect?

Super7 did not skimp on the size of this figure. He is a big boy. He is huge, is what he is, dwarfing his depowered form and for sure making any Silverhawk that stands beside him look positively diminutive by comparison.

The design of Mon*Star’s armored up form has always been an absolute kickass asskicker, and the figure captures that beautifully. He looks like a team-destroyer, all spikes and fangs and hard edges and…well…menace.

The specific nature of the design means there are a few limitations in articulation, but I was fairly pleased with the bulk of what he could do. He’s somewhat restricted in his shoulders and elbows, but he gets pretty good range in the hips considering the bulk of his thighs. The knees work well.

I think the biggest issue I had with his articulation overall was in his torso, which is a complaint that carries over from my previous Silverhawks reviews. He gets an excellent twist with his torso cut, but there’s no forward/backward crunch or side to side bend. If there’s supposed to be any, then mine is stuck and not budging, but based on previous figures I don’t think that’s the case. It feels like it’s just a swivel, which feels like a missed opportunity. It would have been nice to have him arch his back menacingly, or to crunch forward to terrorize the hapless Silverhawks who had to go up against him.

Mon*Star comes with two heads. One is his regular head, and the other has a slot in place of his left eye, which is a receptacle for the included light star effect. The piece is translucent, so you can get some cool effects with light. It’s not the longest piece, so it’s pretty much a “just fired” effect, but it still looks nifty. Both heads pop on and off easily, so the tightness issue with some previous Super7 alt heads isn’t an issue here.

He comes with several sets of hands: trigger, fist, gripping clenched and relaxed hands. The laser lance fits securely in the trigger hand. The hands are fairly tight when you first swap them but become easier to mix and match over time.

There is a set of laser effects that can be attached to holes in his elbows, along with a set of jet effects for flying.

The final accessory is his bird, Sky-Shadow, this time in full flight/attack mode.

Just the sheer size of the figure alone makes him impressive, but that coupled with the variety of hands and accessories makes the slightly inflated price seem like less of an issue. He is 30 dollars more than other figures in the line, but he’s a big dude. This time around, it’s nice to have gotten both versions of Mon*Star instead of just one figure with a head-flipping gimmick.