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JoyToy: Warhammer 40,000 Blood Angels Intercessor Action Figure Review

I have been eyeballing Joytoy’s Warhammer line for a long time, but I kept telling myself “not my scale…not my scale…”

Reason 1 is because I’ve been getting all of the McFarlane Warhammer stuff, and that has been scratching my itch well enough. Reason 2 is because these are twice the price of the McFarlane stuff.

But lately I’ve been grabbing a handful of 1/18th scale stuff just for the hell of it, so of course it finally gave me a reason to try out the Joytoy Warhammer. And of course, I had to start out with a red one.

My oh my. I do like this quite a bit.

While not my first Joytoy, I was confident enough from a few previous purchases and word of mouth that this should be a fun figure. But good grief that is an understatement. Now obviously, due to the design of this tanky little dudes there are going to be some limitations to movement, but the limitations are not figure-breaking by any means. No, he’s not going to be able to do perfect splits, and his arms won’t be able to raise out too much due to gigantic shoulderpads, but for anything you really want an armored behemoth like this to do, he can do.

From a physical perspective, he looks great. The sculpting is excellent, and the darker shading on the armor really makes the whole thing feel dynamic. There are subtle paint details all over—like drybrushing on his chest symbol—that make it all feel higher-end.

I said the articulation was hindered in the obvious places, but despite that the figure itself is extremely articulated. With double jointed elbows and knees, an upper-torso wobble joint combined with a waist twist and ball jointed hips with upper swivels, it has all the requisite modern-day articulation one would want. Theose doodads on his waist are actually ball-jointed, so they get out of the way of his leg articulation. I was a little worried about those things from looking at pictures, so it was nice to see that they were featured their own articulation. The shoulders even slide out a little to allow for more range, though there is only so much you will be able to get.

The figure comes with multiple sets of hands. There are trigger-hands, gripping hands (for the knife), slightly more open gripping hands (for the chainsword) and a grabby hand for his left hand. All of these allow for multiple combinations for holding his various weaponry.

He comes with a bolt-pistol, a boltgun, a chainsword (so brutal) and a knife, which slides into a sheath on the back of his belt. His various hands allow him to hold each of these weapons tightly, with no chance of them falling out. The jetpack on his back does come off if you want something a little less bulky.

The only issue I had with the figure, and you have probably already noticed it, is that the bolt-pistol is supposed to come with a removable magazine, but mine did not. I’m going to have to contact someone about that, I guess. It’s a minor issue, and luckily I planned on having the boltgun be his main weapon, but it’s still a minor annoyance.

The figure itself is slightly larger than most standard 1/18th scale figures, which gives him plenty of heft up against other similarly scaled figures.

I was fairly optimistic that this would be a good figure, and it did not disappoint. A stupid part of me wants to dive in and grab everything I can from Joytoy’s Warhammer line, but the pragmatic side knows that these are expensive and I collect too many toylines as it is, you already live under a bridge and eat dog food, so no, you can only have a couple.

I did buy a yellow one to go with the red one. And I need a blue and black to go with the red and yellow.

And then there are Orks.


1 thought on “JoyToy: Warhammer 40,000 Blood Angels Intercessor Action Figure Review

  1. Excellent review and photos. These figures are great and I am glad to see an awesome place like The Fwoosh is interested in them.

    That being said, welcome to the rabbit hole! It starts with one and the next thing you know your shelf is over run and your wallet is empty!

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