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Medicom: MAFEX Symbiote Spider-Man and TNBA Joker Promo Images and Pre-Orders

Like clockwork, another set of MAFEX figures go up for pre-order….


Medicom adds The Joker to their outstandingly posable Mafex action-figure lineup! The iconic villain is seen here as he appeared in the 1995-97 animated series “The New Batman Adventures” (a continuation of the 1990s “Batman: The Animated Series”), with his gray-white complexion and eerie eyes! He has two interchangeable heads with different expressions, and his coat is made from a soft material; he comes with a knife, a wallet, and dollar bills (one of which is folded into a paper airplane). A figure stand with a posable arm is also included. Order this classic character for your own collection now!


Spider-Man from the “Secret Wars” comics joins Medicom’s Mafex action-figure lineup! In the black version of his Spider-suit, he’s equipped with three interchangeable heads (one of them unmasked), as well as spiderweb parts and a spiderweb backpack. Of course he’s insanely posable, too, as befits a wall-crawler from any and every universe! A figure stand with a posable arm is also included. Order him for your own collection now!