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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Retro Series Web-Man Review

It’s Doctor Doom – and his AMAZING Web-Man!

Okay, that is not exactly how it goes, but it is pretty great to be getting this weirdo in Marvel Legends. A product of Doctor Doom’s evil machinations and his ingenious(?) Twin Machine, Web-Man is the opposite of Spider-Man in every way. The costume tells you so, you know? So, while Web-Man was an agent of evil in contrast to Spider-Man’s heroic deeds, the focus of him being the opposite of Peter Parker was more around his lack of smarts. With Parker being a genius, Mr. Opposite here was portrayed as being a dimwit and thus, easily defeated by our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. Please refrain from calling him “Bizarro” Spider-Man, Doom scoffs at that.

It was simpler time, but this is the exact type of character that really appeals to me, so I am very glad to be getting a figure of Web-Man. Yes, it is a very simple repaint of the Gamerverse Spider-Man figure, but since I like that base for the most part, I knew I would be pretty satisfied with this figure. In that regard, you are not really getting anything new here – the swappable fists, crawling hands, and web-shooters are all carryovers as well, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a striking figure. From a build standpoint, this is a great base for Spider-Man, and then, by default, Web-Man. I mean, don’t think too hard about the whole opposite thing here, Doom picks and chooses as he pleases!

So, this figure comes with all of the goods and not-as-goods with the base. The build and overall articulation is pretty great. I especially like the range of movement in the neck, and the torso articulation configuration. I do wish the figure could get a bit more of a deep crouch for those classic Spider-Man poses, and if any ML needs to have pinless joints, it is Spidey. The color changes in his costume make it so those elbows are always going to be the wrong color on one side, so I hope that there are some new parts coming soon to make those improvements. 

Obviously, the biggest change making this Web-Man and not Spider-Man is the color scheme. Good lord, the red and blue (in obvious reverse from Spider-Man) are incredibly saccharine and I LOVE IT. The bright candy apple red bounces off of the sky blue so well and these are beautiful COMIC colors in their purest form. Honestly, this pure color and bright expression is exactly what I want in my comic-based figures to look like. I get it, it might be a bit garish for some, but the Retro figures should follow this pattern directly and not be afraid to make them really pop with those bright colors. 


I think my point is clear, but seriously, we need this figure to be reversed back in terms of scheme and give us Spidey just like this. Oh, and this goofball has reinvigorated my want for Spot as well, so let’s seem him soon too, please.

Seriously, this is fun figure, so don’t miss out – you can still order him HERE. This is just the kind of character I want to see more of in the ML line, so the Retro execution just gets better and better for me.