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NECA: TMNT Punk Frogs Napoleon and Attila

The Punk Frog Two-Pack sequel is set to start arriving soon at Target, so let’s take a look a Napoleon Bonafrog and Attila the Frog!

The box is the usual for this line and features a large window box and some very nice ’87 cartoon style illustrations on the front and clean photos on the sides and back.

The two-pack comes with the two figures, two alternate portraits, a whip, a morningstar flail, three sets of hands per figure, two money bags, two pre-mutation frogs, and a scrapbook.

The scrapbook is a fun accessory for your Turtles to reminisce about the first time they met the Punk Frogs and I especially like the tiny printed photos of figures on the inside of the book.

The money bags look like the same loot bag we saw with Mondo Gecko and are appropriate to their debut episode where they rob a bank for Shredder. They fit well in both styles of grip hands and do balance on their own standing up.

Both frogs come with a closed grip that holds the weapons well and Napoleon also has a set of “hang loose” sign hands and fists while Attila has some thumb up and looser grip hands. The thumbs up and hang loose are fun gestures that seem to fit well with the laid back vibe of the frogs and the loose grip also serves pretty well for an open hand. The hands swap easily without a lot of force, but stay in well.

The pre-mutation frogs are the same ones we saw in the original set, painted to match the particular shade of green of these two figures.

Napoleon’s whip is cast in super-soft plastic and has a wire inside for poseability. It seems shorter than a whip really would be, but then again matches the design of the whip in a lot of the shots in the show. The morningstar flail has a real chain that attaches the spiked ball to the club and looks super cool.

The alternate heads are the same as the ones from the first set of frogs and have a ton of great personality that comes across in both expressions.

The bodies look like re-use of the the original set of frogs, except the medallion is a different shape. The re-use makes a lot of sense for these characters and captures the feel of the animation style well. Articulation is typical for the NECA 1987 line and works well to get a lot of froggy poses with:

  • Ball and socket mid-torso and head (double ball barbell)
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, thighs, and ankles
  • Double hinged knees
  • Swivel biceps, thighs, and waist

I think the barbell ball joint allows for some very nice expressive tilt movement for these figures.

The paint on these figures is really nice with an overall nice, matte finish and some really clean applications of the two-tone paint and black line highlights that define these cartoon-style figures.

Overall, these are two really nice figures that are super fun to photograph and it feels so great to have the whole team together. Thanks again to NECA for sending these along.