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Mattel: Amber Collection Dimorphodons

I think the first time I remember ever seeing a Dimorphodon was in that striking Jurassic World Pteranodon attack scene. Like most kids, I went through a phase where I was obsessed with dinosaurs, but somehow I missed learning about Dimorphodons. They look so much like little bat gremlins that at first I thought they might be hybrids rather than an actual extinct animal, but thankfully they are a thing and are now super-articulated six inch scale figures in the Jurassic Park Amber Collection. Let’s take a look!

The box has a nice big window that shows off the figure well and a little blurb on the back describing the Dimorphodon scene from the movie along with a very amber and slightly blurry screen shot from the movie.

The set comes with two Dimorphodons and a flight stand. The flight stand is a little different from some of the previous Amber Collection stands because it has a clip rather than a peg that plugs into the figures and is hinged at the base and the top. They also abandoned the yellow stands a few figures back, so this one is also all clear. I am tempted to paint it with some rocky colors to see how that looks. It works well for flight poses and holds the figure solidly.

The figures share a lot of parts, but the arms and tails are a little different so one is in flight mode and the other is ready to walk. Both figures have a ton of great detail in the sculpting with nicely rendered skin folds, hair, and veins. The teeth are a little duller than I’d like as per usual for mass market toys with safety standards, but the toothy maw still manages to be creepy as heck. The only downside sculpting-wise is the Jurassic Park logo stamped into the wings.

The articulation is decent with:

  • Swivel/hinge neck, shoulders, hips, tail, and ankles
  • Hinged jaw
  • Ball and socket mid-torso

It’s a little less articulation than we’ve seen in other dinos in this scale, but it strikes a decent balance between poseability and preserving the sculpting. Having the two different wing styles does make up somewhat for the limited arm/wing articulation. I do wish that the head was a ball and socket so it could look left right since it hinges up/down and doesn’t get that much movement.

The hinged jaws on these two give them a great, creepy vibe and adds a lot of character and variety to the poses. Paint is also good with a few different oversprays for highlights and a really nice inner wing texture. There is a little paint slop around the eyes and teeth and both figures could definitely benefit from a wash.

Overall, these two are fun little posers that would work well with a variety of six inch scale lines. I feel like I could stand to pick up one more two pack for maximum Dimorpho-mayhem.