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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Ursa Major Series Ultron Review

Well, we have hit the summer, and what we have come expect over the past few years has once again become reality: we are getting HAMMERED with new Marvel Legends series. Not that it is a bad thing, quite the contrary, but I swear we just finished our looks at the Xemnu series figures, and boom – here we go again. The new Ursa Major wave is just starting to hit, and it brings with it a character with one of the most checkered Marvel Legends pasts: Ultron.

Ultron. Ultron, Ultron, ULTRON! My how you have been a cruel target in Marvel Legends – even more cruel than you usual self. I have been celebrating the releases of many “first time in the line” characters as of late, but Ultron, I mean Ultron, man. Even though we have had several Ultrons in ML, this feels like we are getting him for the first time because, well, as far as I am concerned – we are.

There have been several attempts at the character, from the highly inauspicious Toy Biz series 11 “bunny” Ultron (I mean, REALLY?), to a couple of reuse attempts that never really captured the classic design of the character well at all. For being such an iconic and important foe to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, I have been without a good comic Ultron for almost two decades while collecting Marvel Legends. Until now.

Guys, I really like this Ursa Major wave a lot more than I initially thought I would (especially that giant Build-a-Bear), but nothing comes close to Ultron as far as I am concerns. Finally. I mean: FINALLY. I kind of shake my head at the thought of how long it has taken us to get here, but then I just kind of forget about it because Ultron has been given the full treatment in terms of realization, and I just love this figure. Love it. This figure doesn’t barrow from previous releases that might not properly match his robotic physique. I really love that this figure is all-new as far as I can tell, and the lithe build matches many a classic comic panel astonishingly well.

Legends have been able to have some pretty impressive new builds as of late, and while I am always a fan of smart and appropriate reuse, I still love it when a figure is new from top to bottom. Ultron does not have a muscle-bound form, and while his design has lines and spikes to add essential visual details, I appreciate the that there are spots on the figure that are devoid of things like that, just as it should be. The should spikes are most certainly a highlight, and the shiny metallic paint, contrasted with the red of the eyes is very striking. The articulation is also seamlessly integrated into the sculpt and ML is getting better and better at doing this in my opinion. The pinless joints are most certainly a highlight, but I also really like the ribcage/diaphragm joint. The latter offers a lot of front to back and side to side movement while remaining pretty well hidden in the design. I would love to see ML integrate this as a standard for most figures, and then marry it with a partial ball-joint at the waist, in the same fashion as the Power Rangers Lightning Collection figures.

For accessories, Ultron includes three sets of hands: open, fists, and semi-gripping, along with the neat effect piece that rests perfectly in his strong metallic jaws. Those are all serviceable, and will be keeping the iconic open villain hand with the fist on the right. The power effect will stay in his mouth for all time for sure, it is just too cool. Oh, and he has the requisite bear chunk (arm) as well.

Speaking of, the portrait on this guy is really something. It is not interpreted or based on a silly design (like the bunny figure), this is just classic Ultron through and through. Thank goodness for that. The eyes and “ears” are what really sell it, and again, I am appreciative of the adherence to the classic source material because Ultron’s face cuts a very distinctive shape and no other ML version has captured that accurately before. It puts the exclamation point on a very wonderful figure that really works at about every turn, so I am so glad the wait has been worth it.

I get it, there are a lot of Iron Man figures in this new series, but if the rad Ursa Major isn’t enough to get you to go in for the whole wave, at the very least, you MUST get Ultron. It might have taken him forever, but now that he is here, he is stunning. So, DO NOT PASS HIM BY, and go to Dorkside Toys are getcha one. We will be back with more Ursa Major figures soon.