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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Disney+ Build-A-Flight Pack Wave Promo Images and Pre-Orders

26 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Disney+ Build-A-Flight Pack Wave Promo Images and Pre-Orders

  1. He has a rifle in episode 5, I think. After Walker breaks up Falcon and Karli, plus he holds one on Zemo.

  2. Does Bucky even carry a gun in the show? I know he uses knives and guns a few times, but they never seemed to be “his guns or knives”.

  3. You see, people like to create bogey men and conspiracy theories EVERYWHERE, even in their toys. But they pass it off as kind of a joke but kind of serious so it gets past the barriers.

    “I was only kidding, I don’t actually believe that nonsense… or do I?”

    There’s a great article on NPR about Proud Boys I heard recently which breaks down how they use sarcasm as a way to access millennial groups.

  4. This must be the WORST BAF scheme that Hasbro has ever run.

    It’s one thing to wade through 3-4 garbage figures (at $22/each) to get a halfway decent BAF (I still rarely do it), but it’s a whole other level of disrespect to make fans buy each of these figures (several of which are wretched) to get Captain America’s wings???


    Glad I’m done with this line. The BAF was a neat idea way back during the ToyBiz days, but it’s been completely abused and exhausted by Hasbro.

  5. I can patiently wait for them to rerelease Falcon Cap as a deluxe figure with wings and accessories in about a year.

  6. I like Scarlet Witch here, this is the first of the MCU figures of her I’ve liked, and she’s not absurdly skinny like a lot of the ML female builds. I really like the hands.

    White Vision would look so much better without those weird cream parts, and if he was smoother.

    Wtf is with the Loki figure, who wants to see Loki in plainclothes, and why does he look like he just got off the red-eye after drinking his weight in booze? Hiddleston has one of the sharpest jawlines and angular faces in the biz, and here he looks all bloated and squinty. This figure looks like an 8th grade English teacher who still dreams of being a famous poet (his poetry is terrible, he thinks it’s because he hasn’t had a life with enough tragedy, but it’s really because he’s a pillock who couldn’t write his way out of a paper bag). At least give him his bloody crown!

    Captain Falcon actually looks pretty good, better than some shots in the show. The costume is growing on me, in the show it seemed off, because it’s so clearly a costume, but it looks better in plastic. The MCU costumers still need to figure out what they’re gonna do instead of briefs though, half of these new costumes just get vague and lose steam right around the hips/groin, it doesn’t have to be briefs, but there should be something that transitions through the space to guide the eye. And those boots are terrible, they don’t match anything else, except the wings, they look like they come from a totally different costume. Total bullshit that he doesn’t get his wings without the full set lol.

    U.S. Agent looks good, except for the missing stripes. Also no shield?

    Zemo’s just constantly yelling out “ACTUALLY!”. It’s fine.

    Bucky is decent, doesn’t really look like the actor, and he costume is pretty plain. The arm looks cool.

    I’m probably just gonna pick up Scarlet Witch.

  7. Who could skip Loki, he’s the only character that looks like failed insurance salesman that ML has done.

  8. That’s what’s irking me so much, US Agent, Loki and Scarlet Witch’s concept art which was used on the boxes are a lot more accurate to the final costumes in the show. Wonder what happened this time. It bothers me so much that Wanda doesn’t have the cape that both Hot Toys and Select will come with.

  9. I understand the desire to make sure a major figure like Falcon Cap is available in the main line, and as an MCU-only collector I was ALWAYS going to buy the whole wave. But those wings really are absurd to do as a BAF. No where near as big as Vulture’s, and it’s not like they’re making up for it by spoiling us with accessories with the other figures, most of which only get some extra hands. Not even a gun for USAgent or a knife for Bucky?

    And they STILL don’t even have an unmasked head for Sam, my favorite character in the MCU. Argh.

  10. No gun for Bucky? Loooks like AOC and the Squad are at it again with Comrade Biden.

  11. Grabbing a few of these. I hope the fix the color on US Agent and make the red part white.

  12. Same. I won’t buy these but I sure do appreciate how nice they are. I’m a little jealous sometimes at all the great unique sculpts the MCU figures get, but then I have to remind myself that the comic figs likely wouldn’t exist but for the MCU stuff.

  13. I’m getting the wave regardless of the wings being the BAF but I’ll agree, this is pretty lame. They pulled this off with MCU vulture but those wings were MASSIVE. This would have been a good wave to do a SpiderVerse Kingpin or something like that. I figured they’d just do Captain Falcon as a deluxe standalone figure with an alternate Mr Hyde head, since most everyone seems to be pretty cheesed about that little bowler hat.

  14. Wow, that’s a pretty underwhelming wave. I like the new Cap sculpt but the wings being the BAF is ridiculous… thanks for saving me money, I guess.

  15. Looks like Loki comes with the flight stand, Redwing and an alternate piece of Sam’s backpack with a hole for the extension that Redwing connects to.

    So if you don’t care about Redwing and the stand, you can skip Loki.

  16. Confused. Do I have to get Loki to really complete the wing set? Looks like you could skip him. Am I wrong?

  17. Agree. I’ve been buying fewer MLs the last couple years because I don’t care about the MCU stuff and mixing waves like that makes me care less about completing BAFs I’d normally be all over like Hyde and Stilt-man. I used to really like the BAF concept but I’m at a point where I’d rather just buy a separate “deluxe” figure and not have to worry about 3-4 figures per wave I’ve no interest in.

  18. Well, at least it’s a full-on MCU wave right? Wish they’d just do exclusive comic or MCU waves like this, instead of the Shang-Chi wave with the comic BAF.

  19. Amazing looking wave, no doubt. I only buy comic figs, but I can still appreciate these.

  20. I don’t usually buy MCU waves, but I enjoyed both series enough to bite this time around.

    it is a shame, however, that the USAgent and Loki looks aren’t actually screen accurate – heck, they don’t even match their own, more accurate, box art! not a big deal, on Loki…but I’m really missing the white stripes on USAgent.

  21. > Build-A-Flight Pack Wave

    Technically accurate, but do I detect a trace amount of snark?

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