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Hasbro: Fan First Monday Marvel Legends Reveals

Hasbro’s Fan First Monday just ended, giving us a look at some upcoming Marvel Legends and some teases for the future!

Disney+ Captain America Build-A-Wings Wave


15 thoughts on “Hasbro: Fan First Monday Marvel Legends Reveals

  1. I was annoyed by the last set of build-a-wings, and those were a lot more impressive.

  2. The stretch goals for Galactus should totally be more heralds, especially the ones they’ve never made: Firelord, Frankie Raye and Airwalker would be great!

  3. And I just remember, they already DID make a retro wave Doom. It’s the only FF retro out so far.

  4. Please let it be wizard. The only good doom look left to do is the 2099 one, I think. What a troll move it would be to do the Fant4stic dr doom, huh?

    And I think Doom’s had 4 recent figures, right? Classic, Classic ver. 2, white, and the iron man armor one?

  5. Allegedly, supposedly, Wizard is going to be one of the two. Here’s hoping! Doom’s had 3 comic figures recently, and Namor and Surfer have both had their iconic looks already covered. Mole Man would be AWESOME, the Ronan wave one was not great. Psycho Man would be INSANE, but he deserves to be a bigger special edition like Kingpin was.

  6. Sucks I gotta buy half a wave of figures don’t want just so Sam can have his wings.

  7. Classic Byrne FF era wave with a classic Skrull, maybe a Frankie Raye Nova? New Terrax? Mole Man?

    … to go with the HasLab Galactus?

  8. Kinda hoping it was the vote Loki outfit but I’m guessing thats gonna be a pulse exclusive or something

  9. That’s my favorite costume for Herc! Going to have to pick that one up.

  10. And surprise, the FF classic wave. Who are the other two? Normally I would say Doom, Namor or surfer but I don’t think so this time. Perhaps Mole man? Or Val and Franklin? 🤷

  11. That’s go to be a prototype for Shield army builders. Looks just Nick Fury with the helmet from a few years back.

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