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Jazwares: Fortnite Legendary Series Brawlers Kit Review

You know, I am really allergic to cats, so by necessity, I have never been a cat person. However, like countless times before, here comes Fortnite and Jazwares making me love a figure of a thing I have no idea about, all at the risk of a possible allergic reaction. 

I kid, I kid. Well, at least about the reaction thing, as I know full well this is a toy and not a real cat. But jeez, you guys, what a fun release this new Kit turned out to be. I have had so much fun with Jazware’s Legendary series, and my collection is not complete, yet still a very colorful array of fun character designs turned into great figures. This marks the second deluxe “Brawler” I have welcomed to my shelf, and wouldn’t you know it – not only is it the second cat, but a continued generation from the previously-released Meowscles. 

Now, Kit might be a tiny little bugger compared to his swole pa (or is it Paw?), but what he lacks in current stature, he makes up for with a giant robot motorcycle thingee that is unlike anything I have in this collection, even with its impressive diversity. I honestly felt Meowscles toed the line in terms qualifying for a deluxe (and more expensive) Brawlers spot, but junior and his bike are well worth the extra coins. This is an impressive and fun release that really speaks to savvy characters from the Fornite game, and Jazwares’ commitment to making them the best action figures they can be. 

As a Brawler, this should set you back about $24.99 (I got mine from Amazon), and for being the deluxe tier in this line, that is a solid bargain in today’s collector grade market. He is slipping in and out of stock because he is brand new, but keep checking, most of the Legendary Series figures become fairly easy to obtain after their initial release frenzy. The line is known for coming with a good deal of accessories, and this is no exception – in addition to the robot/bike and Kit himself (I guess I am assuming Kit is the name of the cat), you also get two guns, and two spiky pizza cutter things. The golden gun articulates so it can mimic a reloading action, and the plunger gun is spring loaded and shoots with a pull of the trigger. The saws spin, and all of them can be held well by the figure, whether in robot or bike mode.

Kit is a basic mini figure that has a bit of articulation to allow his front legs to move up and down to adjust to the handlebars on the bike. He is designed to (obviously) resemble Meowscles, so there is no mistaking the familial bond here. Mine has a bit of a paint blur on the face that isn’t terrible, but it is noticeable, so if you have the chance to pick from multiples of these at the store, that might be a good place to watch for imperfection. The figure has two small holes in his pack paws to keep him secured to his seat on the bike, and he holds on pretty well thanks to those. 

The robot is the obvious main part of this release, and for being a spindly thing that can “transform” it has a lot of sculpted and paint details, along with a strong articulation scheme. I have found robots either REALLY benefit from their design when it comes to articulation points and range of movement, or they are really hindered by those aspects, but I think this figure works quite well. Even with his backwards knees (to mimic a cat), the robot form stands well and balances with little effort, even in fighting poses. At full height, it is taller than more of the other figures in the line, but it is not overly large, and it fits Kit at about the scale you would want for a little kitty to have a humanoid robot suit for fighting.

A big draw for this is that the robot can transform into a little bike vehicle, and while I assumed I would like the bot form better for the display, I think I actually like the bike more now that I have this in hand. The transformation is simple: you separate the upper body a the wheel from the legs, and then fold the legs over the front and attach its shiny metal ass to the back of the seat harness. The wheel is flattened at the bottom, so it balances in this form with no issues, but obviously, that means the wheel doesn’t turn. I think I like this configuration more because it sets this apart even more from the rest of the figure, and it looks cool in doing so.

It is redundant to say this is a fun Fortnite figure, because well, all of them are. I know the news came down late last week that it appears Hasbro will be taking a part of the license to produce toys, and that includes 1:12 scale action figures. I am pretty torn on that, to be honest. I have enjoyed this line immensely, and Jazwares has done a really great job handling it, so the teams in Pawtucket will have a lot to live up to. I guess more details will come down as we move along, but if this is coming to end, Jazwares has given me a really fun collection of colorful characters and got me to really buy-in on a property I know beans about. I would say that is awesome all around, and Kit keeps up the good work for sure.