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Jazwares: Fortnite Legendary Series Slushy Soldier Review

After having the Walmart link to this figure bookmarked for what felt like half a year, the Slushy Soldier finally went live recently. While Christmas is over, Winter is still hanging around, so he’s not completely tardy. He’s just fashionably late.

I think I say it with every Fortnite figure I review, but I genuinely love the random range of characters that exist under the Fortnite umbrella. For a game I neither currently play nor will ever play, I looks forward to whatever is coming out next almost as eagerly as I do franchises that I actively take part in. Dude’s got a snowman head. It’s nuts.

Slushy Soldier uses a body that should be very very familiar by now if you’re keeping up with the line. We’ve seen a lot of these parts before. In many lines, people start bitching about reuse the second that a body shows up twice in a row, but despite the fact that this body has been very prevalent, the additions and the color differences differentiate it enough so that it doesn’t really feel like retreading the same ground, even though it is. Maybe it’s the novelty of the different heads. I do like it when different bodies are added to the library to expand the overall look, but I don’t have an issue with the reuse here.

That reuse does come at a price, and I will just keep mentioning this with every review: those hands. They are terrible. I genuinely hate the articulated hands, and they render all the pistols, machine guns and rifles practically unusable. As much as I enjoy the line, the few seconds that I have to try to get a figure to hold his weapon as I’m taking a picture is a buzzkill. The melee weapons are the only thing most of these figures can hold with any competency, and that’s on a sliding scale. I’d buy a hand pack of unarticulated hands of various colors just to replace every single articulated hand in the line, and I doubt I’m alone.

There. With that off my chest, I feel better. Until the next one.

I love the motif that carries through on this figure. The doofy, gold-toothed snowman head is of course the showpiece of the figure, but the snowman theme carries forth all over his body. He has snowman grenades. He has a carrot knife. He has an ammo belt filled with carrots. In keeping with a Christmas theme, he’s wearing the typical Christmas sweated with big snowflakes. The flakes are painted very cleanly. Everything about the overall look is just right.

The accessories (that he can’t hold well) are a Machine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle an icy hammer/pick, that health bottle and his back-bling, which is a wreath with grenades and a machete. The machete is not removable. Also, machete don’t text. Someone out there will get that. I salute you.

Like I said, the melee weapon usually ends up being my favorite accessory for all these guys, and it’s no different here. The hammer/pick thing is made of a translucent bluish color and looks cool (no pun intended) when lit.

Slushy Soldier is a Walmart exclusive. He appears to be still available as of this writing, so if you’re interested, grab him while you can.